The Only Thing You Know

The Only Thing You Know

The story of a teenage girl's attempts at independence .

The story of a teenage girl's attempts at independence . . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Water T (au) wrote: Absolutely brilliant "ko lian dai" Hokkien drama. Great cast. Absolutely unprentious. Royston is definitely going places since 15.

Gerardo S (au) wrote: This has to be one of the worst movies ever, has no plot, some of the worst acting i have ever seen, senseless and boring action scenes, the special effects look misplaced, the only thing you can think while watching this is how much more productive your life would have been if you would have done something else with your life other than waste it watching this poor excuse of a film

SagaciousFrank (ru) wrote: Crikey, I saw 'Pitch Black' at the cinema when I was at college. It's a good pic, and even though I've seen it far too many times since then to fully enjoy it as much as I once did, I recall liking it very much the first time and my initial impressions were very favorable, as were also the reactions from my friends who saw it at the time. Made on a relative shoe string, the fairly low budget effects are used minimallistically and to good effect, and have consequently aged well in spite of the budget constraints. Plus, the cast do their parts well with some decent play off and tension, particularly between Riddick and Johns.

Joel H (gb) wrote: It's not every day that a sequel is better than the original, but Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior pulls it off. This is a bizarre and thrilling ride. I feel like George Miller wanted to make something like Fury Road, but he didn't have the technology or the budget to do so in 1981, so he made this film. My hat is off to the filmmakers and all of the stunt people involved with this film. Well done!

Larry C (ca) wrote: Katherine Heigl does her best to ruin every movie. Add the horrible Seth Rogen and a bad script. Avoid this disgusting movie.