The Opening of Misty Beethoven

The Opening of Misty Beethoven

Inspired by My Fair Lady, this pornographic interpretation of Pygmalion is about a sexologist who attempts to transform Misty from a hooker into sensuous instrument of passion. Misty's big test is to seduce a homosexual artist, but during her training the relationship between Misty and her doctor grows. Known for its witty dialogue, great score, and excellent cinematography "The Opening of Misty Beethoven" is considered a classic among pornographic films.

Pornography meets Pygmalion. Misty, the hooker, meets the sexologist who thinks he can transform her from "the nadir of passion" into someone who inspires passion. While Misty is trained ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Opening of Misty Beethoven torrent reviews

Pathmanathan D (nl) wrote: It's suppose to be an entertainer, but it was a drag. Rating - 2/5

Kenjuu (it) wrote: A pretty funny and enjoyable film that is character driven revolving around a stressed out and frustrated young man.

Ryan B (nl) wrote: Another masterpiece of domestic strife from Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi.

Remi L (br) wrote: GAWD awful. But I should've known better. I already knew what I was gettin' myself into when I read the premise of this movie and I saw who was in it. I love LisaRaye and Stacie Dash. I even listen to Lil' Kim sporadically. But together in this hot mess, and with the out-of-nowhere Mario Van Peebles cameo? What? He enjoyed doing "Posse" so much he just couldn't stay away from westerns? Ugh. And I really knew I was setting myself up for awfulness upon learning during the opening credits that Bobby "Whitney-introduced-me-to-crack" Brown was in it. Just awful all around. Horrid plot, horrid acting, horrid transitions, pointless slow motion scenes, pointless walking scenes, pointless riding scenes, pointless "love" scene, just pointless all around. If you see this film on your channel guide, run the other way!!

Dammy G (es) wrote: While I think this could have made a great movie for TV that fans of the show such as myself could have loved, putting it in theaters was a big mistake.

Marcello A (de) wrote: Parecchio inquietante: parte come un film carcerario per poi entrare lentamente in campi sovrannaturali e sempre pi inquietanti. Da vedere! Atmosfera e qualche sequenza gore.

Evan H (us) wrote: do i hate this movie. I definitly recomend skiping home on the range. except for Jennifer Tilly, who's always funny

Braden A (fr) wrote: This is my first experience with Johnny To, and it is a bright, shining one. What a movie. Really, really fantastic stuff. My only complaint? It may have the very worst soundtrack ever recorded for a film. The performances are great, the direction and cinematography are flippin' fantastic, and it's just an all-around great movie. If only the guy I bought it from had been honest about the fact that it is a very heavily used VCD - to the point where the entire last 20 minutes skips - rather than listing it as "brand new, factory sealed and pressed original DVD". 8

Pete P (jp) wrote: Being old enough to recall the animated puppets in this show when it was a top hit among us 'kids'., this is an up to date movie with real people not puppets and remains true to all the cool things found in the original episodes. "Thunderbirds Are Go!"

Emmylou A (kr) wrote: I found this film quite by accident. Often I purchase DVDs from discount stores and on occasion, they actually get amazing shipments. I saw this one and it immediately grabbed my attention due to the fact it had Billy Crudup in it. I actually made it a priority on my watching list, which I don't do often, and watched it just a few days after purchasing it. I was taken back by how heartfelt of a film it was. I wasn't expecting much but it was certainly a gem. I cried from pretty much start to finish and I just loved how different it was as far as a romance film goes. Both Crudup and and Connelly astounded me and I simply loved it.

Randy T (nl) wrote: Terrific old Canadian war film made before the United States decided to enter World War II. The producers thought 49th Parallel, a scathing indictment of Nazi Germany, would hasten America's involvement in the war. In spite of it's propagandist intent, it's held up extremely well.