The Opium Eater

The Opium Eater

A coat-and-tie-wearing social worker scours the countryside in search of wild opium poppies.

A coat-and-tie-wearing social worker scours the countryside in search of wild opium poppies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bradley C (gb) wrote: This Film is garbage! Don't even think about seeing it

Dann M (gb) wrote: Wacky and fun, Family Weekend is an entertaining comedy with a bit of a dark edge. In a desperate attempt to save her family a 16-year-old high school girl kidnaps her parents in order to get them to realize how dysfunctional and out-of-touch they've become. Olesya Rulin gives an excellent performance and brings a lot charisma to the film. Additionally, Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine give strong supporting performances. And while it's not a straight dark comedy, the humor has a quirky tone that works very well. Delivering some good laughs, Family Weekend is an enjoyable screwball comedy.

Karuna B (kr) wrote: This movie has an ensemble of all the brilliant actors, so more than the story, it's the performances that really carry it forward. A good movie, but nothing exceptional, the duplicate-memory loss kind of story has been done to death so no novelty there either.

Kylie S (us) wrote: One of Robin Williams last movies.... Not bad

Bryan S (ag) wrote: This is the first movie directed by Yu Ha, who also made A Dirty Carnival. This is a nonviolent movie that focuses on sex, relationships, and agony. There is a lot of sex. Two men are waiting outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken (yes, they exist in South Korea) to meet a woman. The men are neither aware they are being watched by the woman nor that they are there for the same woman. One man becomes frustrated and angrily stomps away. Thus begins the efforts of the other man to win over the very attractive woman. They have lots of sex and frequently go out to eat, but she will not commit to him, due to his low salary as a college professor. While they are seeing each other, one of his students, who is very attractive, tries to go out with him. He won't bite and instead continues to chase the unobtainable woman. If you want to see the behaviors of a sophisticated 'gold-digger' woman that controls men with ease and witness the agony that men experience when they try to understand those women, then you will see those things. This is a very mature, tasteful, and accurate rendition of human sexual behavior.

Marc L (ca) wrote: L'objectif de "Free Jimmy", film d'animation norvegien de son etat, est de prouver que ces derniers ne sont pas exclusivement destines aux enfants et aux adultes qui refusent de grandir. Pour ce faire, il prend la forme d'un chasse-croise la "Snatch" autour d'un elephant toxicomane et depressif servant bien involontairement de mule une grosse cargaison d'heroine. Petit problme : l'idee de tirer l'arme lourde sur les ecolos, les chasseurs, les toxes, les touristes americains, les alcooliques, les prolos ou encore les Lapons etait fendarde sur le papier. A l'usage, c'est une autre paire de manches. Vulgaire et trash, "Free Jimmy" l'est incontestablement. Mais drle...hum...le moins qu'on puisse dire est qu'il est passe cte de toutes les situations potentiellement empreintes d'humour noir. Et ce ne sont pas l'animation mediocre et le visuel moche crever qui risquent d'accentuer la sympathie son egard.

Anna N (au) wrote: Not interested. I usually try to avoid horror movies.

Brandon N (mx) wrote: This movie was a lot of fun!

Marta R (es) wrote: Had to give it 1/2 a star in order to give it a review... THIS SUCKED! TOTALLY WHACK!!

Maria S (mx) wrote: Although my rating is average, I found this movie to be entertaining. I did not like the main character. She didn't seem to understand the importance of communication. Then again, a failing marriage can make you an annoyed and annoying human being, so I can kind of see that. Kate Bosworth is a pretty lousy actress in this one ... I don't know what happened because I loved her in Blue Crush ... but she is amazing to look at, and she was impeccably dressed throughout, which counts for something.

Darrin C (es) wrote: This could've been better if the director didn't try so damn hard, but then again, Brits always try way too hard when coming to cinematography. Of course, the music sorta sucked, too. This film and story would've been way more awesome if it was made in 1974 America with Charles Bronson, Warren Oates, and Lee Van Cleef.

Simon M (de) wrote: Our local rep panto is better than this!