The Ordinary People

The Ordinary People

The Muller company organizes a reception to mark the launch of a new product. During the evening, we discover that this is actually a coaching exercise for company executives. Gradually, rumours about the upcoming acquisition of the company start to emerge and everyone finds themselves trying to save their place.

A pharmaceutical company throws a gala party where all the employees from the top to the bottom are invited. Asked to participate in a role playing game which is actually a massive training... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Ordinary People torrent reviews

Michelle L (mx) wrote: Pleasantly surprised and I walked away completely satisfied! Well done!

John R (us) wrote: 160313: Call me sappy but this film touched me deeply. Lost a few tears on this one. Very enjoyable. So enjoyable I wound up purchasing it and, crying again.

Lynda M (it) wrote: What ultimate shit, didn't even want to rate it. Bad acting, and bad German accents. Why did I even finish watching it.

Renesa N (nl) wrote: I liked it very was slow but enjoyable

Emmanuel C (de) wrote: A very good movie for every person

intuciic (it) wrote: strange movie..but not too interesting

jing b (fr) wrote: Getting everything you want is kind of cool for a college kid

Timothy M (au) wrote: A great example of making the most out of a confined setting.

Markkyle R (au) wrote: This is my favorite one

William P (mx) wrote: What a complete piece of crap, the acting was horrible, the story nonsensical, and it was just painful to watch. They didn't even have a facade of the iconic house for Gods sake! skip this worthless piece of crap.