The Orheim Company

The Orheim Company

Jarle is 24 when a phone call rouses him from his drunken sleep. It is his mother, telling him that his father is dead. Instead of sadness, Jarle is filled with anger and a sense of relief. Based on Tore Renberg’s bestselling novel, The Orheim Company is a strong, human tale about a boy growing up with an alcoholic father, but also an energetic story about teenage lust, pain and passion – about liberation and redemption. The Orheim Company will be the last chapter in the trilogy about Jarle Klepp, which started with The Man Who Loved Yngve and I Travel Alone.

Jarle Klepp gets a message that forces his mind back to something he'd rather forgotten - his childhood with his father in Stavanger. When "Orheim" was his surname. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Orheim Company torrent reviews

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Emma M (jp) wrote: just bought it, will let you know.

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