The Other

The Other

Chilling and eerie, this supernatural tale of good versus evil coils around twin brothers living with their grandmother in a sleepy rural area during the summer of 1935. After his grandmother encourages Niles to develop what seem to be psychic gifts, Niles starts to suspect that his twin may be involved in recent fatal accidents.

Down in the farm country of the US twins are born. One of them turns out to be good, while the other becomes rather evil. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (ag) wrote: Mr. Hyams keeps things moving briskly, building to an ending with a pretty good plot twist. I say RENT IT!!!

SUDEEP k (it) wrote: beautifully made...touched the human side so perfactlyyy... thumbs up to the team.

Allen R (au) wrote: A very interesting sequel that offers a interesting twist - 7/10

James W (us) wrote: I'm sick of BritComs pedalling "underdog come good" stories and Faintheart is a particularly silly variant of this "Full Monty" formula. However, there are enough gigglesome moments - all incidental to the plot - to make it enjoyable. I especially liked the kid delivering his PE teacher's bullshit chat up line and the funeral of Odin the Owl.

Garrick J (fr) wrote: Once the initial nudity thing is out of the way, this is a really clever and amusing show. Talented singers/dancers and a witty script. The songs are exceptionally well crafted, despite the appalling ignorance of the some of the professional reviewers. It was refreshing to hear some singable melodies with harmonic inventiveness. Well composed !

JY S (br) wrote: Waterboys, having no relation to Adam Sandler, is truly a film festival-ish movie. Director, Shinobu Yaguchi, comes through with a film about a group of high school students setting up a MALE synchronized swim team. Hence WaterBOYS.The plot is easy to follow and while it may sound dull and feministic, this is an entertaining comedy.The comedy may not be the funniest stuff in the world, but it is no doubt funny. The thing that contributes to the success of this picture is that the comedy is consistent. This film never dries up and turns into a drama.Synchronized swimming is the main concept of the story, but it isn't "professional," like bobsledding is in Cool Runnings. This deals with a group of high school kids that have never done this before and the film revolves the unique training techniques they go through to put on an entertaining, not professional, performance for the finale of the film.All the actors, especially the 5 male leads, put on entertaining performances. They are upbeat and this is fitting for a comedy of this caliber. Just beware of the cross dressers. Yep, there are a couple of cross dressers. One of the main characters is even gay. Don't let any of this chase you away though.Waterboys may not sound like your type of film at first, but you will be missing out on an entertaining piece of work if you pass it up.

Ron B (nl) wrote: Place this firmly in my top 10 thriller flicks.. Grabbed me early and got my hair I end on more than one occasion. A good back story with mystery and many expected and unexpected turns throughout.

Leeanne O (fr) wrote: Best Halloween Movie ever!

Emelyn W (ru) wrote: Lie down. Try not to cry. Cry a lot. D':

Harri K (nl) wrote: Monotonic and tedious with its drama elements. Otherwise quite well written science fiction with a pinch of existentialism. I really wanted to like this film but found it hard to concentrate.

Craig M (es) wrote: Rewatched this for the first time since seeing it in theatres. Lynch does an amazing job of evoking a mood here, but I feel so disconnected from all of the characters. This seems like a meditation on Hollywood itself, with multiple personalities possessing people as they attempt to get through the slime and sleeze of LA. I do love films that excoriate LA, and this one is no exception. I still find the gratuitous male gaze that exposes his female actresses to be off-putting, but at least here the women are in control of their sex/ sexuality.