The Other Cuba

The Other Cuba


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The Other Cuba torrent reviews

Mark S (kr) wrote: Great stuff. Right up my alley. I want more.

Marliana M (es) wrote: ...stupid thriller..

Sam M (es) wrote: I saw this years ago but only thought of it tonight after seeing it was DeNiro's lowest rated film. Not a bad film but not a very compelling one either.

Erika A (au) wrote: What can I say...this was the first date with my future husband! Family Legacy Movie!

NaWie M (es) wrote: Gee totally forgot this Movie till saw a user has created a beautiful skin for this Movie Page.I cannt describe it, one have to watch themselves to experience the joy. Sorry sounds like an advertisement but its not. lol

Jeff Y (de) wrote: The visual splendor that is Cirque Du Soleil is no better illustrated than in this gorgeous rendition. Not for everyone because it is better live and in person, but still worth a look.

ashley h (au) wrote: I found this movie to be hilarious

Daisy M (es) wrote: highly recommend. i think a lot of people will enjoy this, it's not like my usual insane 'not everyone's cup of tea' crap. but so good.

Jayakrishnan R (kr) wrote: 88%Watched this on 25/10/15Well acted, affectionate and moreover innocent when compared to most of the shitty romantic films you get these days, this one surely deserves the cult rating. Considering the time of it's release, the film makes good use of the concept of time travel onto a romantic movie without resorting to the over excess of CGI. This film is a good romantic movie and one should not watch it expecting some sci-fi entertainer. Christopher Reeve gives a performance full of charm and innocence and lead actress Jane Seymour also does good. Christopher Plummer should be given special mention as he gave the best performance in the movie and credit must also be given to the fact that his character was not made into a stereotype villain and effectively avoiding a cliched love triangle. The music and the cinematography are all good.

Haley H (ca) wrote: This was a pretty good movie. Had some funny scenes and it was good. Not as amazing as everyone made it seem

Dorianator F (jp) wrote: Not a very great film. Very slow and not a focused storyline. But, the acting is good and so is the style.