The Other End of The Line

The Other End of The Line

An employee at an Indian call-center travels to San Francisco to be with a guy she falls for over the phone

The movie follows an Indian employee at a Call Center, who travels to San Francisco to be with an American advertising agent she has only spoken with over the phone. But she told a lie, and when it's exposed, will their love survive? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PUnk A (kr) wrote: not bad at all... do like Ali Zafar now... cute !

Andrew M (au) wrote: Loved everything about this movie!

Robert F (ca) wrote: The film possesses you, haunts you, and ensnares you.

Mike M (kr) wrote: The idea, perhaps, was to show the road not taken, or to contrast the Kitano starting out with who he is now. Lines of dialogue read in rehearsals for the famous Takeshi's latest project show up in the non-famous Takeshi's everyday life: maybe this pre-fame existence can be considered a run-through for the life the star was to lead, a working-out of a dead-eyed, hard-as-nails screen persona. That's a workable conceit, certainly, but one here realised with not nearly enough conviction to overcome a growing sense of narcissism. The actors appear under-rehearsed, the gunplay is amateurish and repetitive, and Kitano's deadpan stoicism can - like Robert Mitchum's - seem like a front for a man who's not really trying, leaving the drag acts, tapdancers and papier-mache caterpillars looking like so much whimsical filler. Given this filmmaker's health issues, perhaps we should be grateful Kitano is still making films at all: Antonioni, after all, never really recovered from his stroke, and his business was always silence and stillness, not action or comedy. The sad irony is that Kitano's ego seems healthier than ever; it's the film around it that strikes you as enfeebled. I feel obliged to warn viewers who hate "I woke up, and it was all a dream" movies, because - yes, you've guessed it - it's one of those, too.

kyle c (ca) wrote: a pretty good movie about apartheid in south africa. well done and well acted by both stars.

Solomon G (de) wrote: Great psychological thriller. Right up my alley. Not completely authentic, mind - when the men first meet up and the Rhys Ifans character suggests they talk privately in a nearby caf, Daniel Craig immediately starts acting suspicious as though he knows the guy's a stalker and walks away; I think he might have gone to the caf at that point. Which begs the question - being so suspicious - why does it take Craig so long to finally work out that he has a gay stalker on his hands? The viewer susses this out pretty damn quick, so why is Craig so slow? Great movie and a total surprise; I wasn't expecting anything this good at 3am.

Bobby J (au) wrote: I liked it. George was awesome.

Brad J (us) wrote: from russia with love

Robert D (jp) wrote: Crap film but the monster is pretty damn badass!

Kaleb B (it) wrote: A beautifully passionate and moving film about an undying love that transcends unbelievable barriers. The scenery was enthralling and the story engaging. Although critics would beg to differ, I believe this to be an utterly wonderful love story. It is a must see for any romantic.

Kerby H (it) wrote: A gayer and less cute Annie.

John R (nl) wrote: 131213: Good movie. Tough story. Interesting title considering it never takes place in a fort. If you listen closely, you'll hear the title used at least once in the dialogue.

Louis M (us) wrote: Urban Legend is a great teen horror movie which I enjoyed full of twits and turns whoever reads this do not listen to these idiots rating there just trying to not let u see it I will recommend it cause I loved it. X