The Other Love

The Other Love

Seriously ill, concert pianist Karen Duncan is admitted to a Swiss sanitorium. Despite being attracted to Dr Tony Stanton she ignores his warnings of possibly fatal consequences unless she rests completely. Rather, she opts for a livelier time in Monte Carlo with dashing Paul Clermont. Written by Jeremy Perkins

Seriously ill, concert pianist Karen Duncan is admitted to a Swiss sanitorium. Despite being attracted to Dr Tony Stanton she ignores his warnings of possibly fatal consequences unless she ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yvonne A (us) wrote: It stayed true to the book & there were some funny parts. At least the completion of the 2 sisters was not very obvious. The book was better as usual

Aaron N (ag) wrote: Sepideh: Now, what does he think about Elly?It is interesting to go back in time with a director I have only recently found myself so intrigued by in recent years. Academy Award winner Asghar Farhadi had made four other films prior to A Separation and The Past. About Elly is one that somehow got lost in the shuffle as far as getting an American release. Regardless, the film has now arrived and continues to shed light on what a talent Farhadi is in capturing human drama.The film is something of a mystery set among a group of old friends on a holiday retreat. With the return of a close friend, a group of former college pals decide to reunite for a weekend outing by the Caspian Sea. While things begin in good spirits, complete with an attempt to hook up two individuals, trivial lies start accumulating and things really escalate when a sudden disappearance occurs. This sets in motion a series of deceptions and revelations that threaten to shatter everything.As I mentioned, this film really continues to prove how adept Farhadi is at developing human drama. That it is not quite as good as A Separation or The Past only suggests that Farhadi has improved only time as a filmmaker, given how good About Elly still is. This is a film that is stripped down of nearly everything, aside from some narrative ambition when it comes to utilizing the location for high tension. What is left are a collection of characters and a screenplay that allows for very natural conversations, arguments, and other relatable interactions.

Nathaniel M (gb) wrote: Pointless and annoying. You would really have to be a huge fan of the game to dig this melodramatic trash.

Annie P (mx) wrote: i was highly entertained that Robert Englund rallied the lynch mob. very much rminded me of "Nightmare on Elm Street".

(mx) wrote: I've liked all of the Friday 13th films and this is not exception. What Jason X is more Jason and this time Jason is in space in a space station in the XXV century. For me the Jason movies are really fun to watch so I give Jason X 5 stars.

Scott B (de) wrote: An absolute masterpiece. P.T. Anderson, who is the most interesting and Important directors of our time, said that no other film he makes will surpass Magnolia. This instant classic is mesmerizing from beginning to end. The actors all shine but in my opinion Anderson brings out the best in Julianne Moore who's character stays with you long after the film. All that being said this film is not for everyone. Coming in at a running time of over 3 hours and the many complex characters who's different stories intersect in the most creative way, could turn off those who want to just watch mindless entertainment and not really have to get a message or take something from the experience. But if you are a film buff or just want to see excellent performances with a mind blowing premise this is a must see. I also read that Anderson came up with this movie around the songs on the equally impressive Aimee Mann. Her songs are all throughout the film and if I'm not mistaken the songs came before the film - the film was inspired by the songs used in the movie. This is my personal favorite film of all time and each time I see it I get something more out of it.So do yourself a favor and give it a try. All of Andersons movies are outstanding, but Magnolia is more than that.

Ralph E (mx) wrote: Yes, it was "indie", but I really liked it. Nailbiter has less of a slasher vibe, and reminded me more of a "Twilight Zone" or "Hitchcock" TV episode. The acting has strong moments (the mom, one of the daughters, the FANTASTIC creepy old lady), and a few not-so-strong (the deputy sheriff). All in all, not blockbuster quality, but entertaining and a nice quirky difference from the run-of-the-mill.

Ca M (de) wrote: I thought this movie had some really good potential to be one of those quirky odd kind of movies but it bombed. It was like Napoleon Dynamite in ways. Lines were poorly delivered as well as music being out of place a times.

Noname (de) wrote: There are many animations coming out all the time and this was quite okey actually. Its about a young penguin competing in a surf championship. Well made and overall a nice movie and i enjoyed it.

Dov D (de) wrote: Entertaining, yes. Informative, yes. Purposeless, yes. Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton's documentary These Amazing Shadows is best described as a propaganda film aimed at the hearts of people who aren't fans of classic cinema. There is no coherent story being told by this film, and outside of the first fifteen minutes, it's an episodic string of descriptions and fun facts about different movies with only vague plot-points or thematic elements linking them together. In addition to that, the people they interviewed were significantly less important and interesting than other documentaries about film provide (most notably Side By Side). All of that being said, I found These Amazing Shadows to be incredibly interesting if only for the trivia knowledge gained. I agree that the National Film Registry is incredibly important, that historic cultural cinema should be preserved, and that classic films are often times incredible, but none of that makes a documentary persuasive. I doubt very seriously that anyone was swayed intellectually by this film. Bottom line, this movie doesn't fulfill the criteria of a good documentary, or even get close really, but it is a very interesting and informative propaganda film. Bottom lines, if you're a cinefile like me and love classic films, this is a must see; not for the film itself, but for the information it provides. If you're not, you should stay away from this at all costs. It's quite the polarizing documentary.

Brendan N (au) wrote: Great story and acting, one of the usual VOD films that deserved greater recognition. I am forever baffled why audiences give these art house films bad reviews, they are storytelling films with depth and interesting characters. This a slow and beautiful journey that rewards the viewer with something that mainstream films avoid.