The other me

The other me

Will Browning accidently creates a clone of himself when working on a science project.

Will Browning is a slacker student who needs a good grade in science, or he has to go to a military camp for the summer. Attempting to get a good grade by ordering a product called "Ocean Pets" for his project. Accidently, some clone formula leaked into his package. When stirring the ocean pet (and clone) mixture with a comb, he accidently creates a clone of himself. He sends the clone to school, because the clone is a lot smarter than him. Everyone likes the clone better than Will... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie J (mx) wrote: At the very least The Neon Demon will provoke thoughts, and move people into discussing it's merits, deserved or other wise for a long while to come. As an exploitative art-house flick it works really well, probably the most beautiful looking film I have seen in a long time. But on teh other side it is also as vapid, and vacant as the subject matter it portrays, perhaps intentionally so to a fault. It also isn't all that shocking at all, there is some stark and quite grotesque imagery, but it works with the overall theme of things, especially if you have seen the hot mess that was the directors previous effort Only God Forgives (which also isn't as bad as people believe.)The Neon Demon is watchable at the very least, utterly entrancing, frequently mesmerising, but can I recommend it to anyone? Perhaps not. Art house to a fault this is Winding Refn doing what he does best.

damon w (mx) wrote: 2 stars for Michael C Hall simply being casted. 1/2 star for concept. 0 stars for everything else.

Zack F (ru) wrote: The Motorcycle Diaries starts off with a fun adventurous feel and strong chemistry between the leads, but the longer the film runs on the more boring it gets and the less involved I am in Che's emotional transformation.

Phillip D (br) wrote: As ugly and disgusting as Ron is, you truly feel for him by the end of this film. How does a would-be children's theater actor become the worlds most recognizable male porn star? This doc answers all, with the occasional sex scene and wise crack.

a t (gb) wrote: If you want to watch a good companion piece to Memento this is the film in a way that started it all. It feels almost too amateur, but Nolan's crafted story shines in a weird and somewhat satisfying way that continues to unravel towards the end. More for fans of the director, not really for the general populous.

TTT C (fr) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Andrew L (nl) wrote: Great dialogue driven comedy

Garrett C (jp) wrote: Far more engaging and tolerable than Peckinpah's other works, which doesn't say much. I didn't get a lot of the nostalgia the movie tried to play up between Scott and McCrea since I never saw their westerns. The marriage subplot was totally overdone and grotesque. Tons of cliches here despite the "revisionist" label this and every other Peckinpah work always gets. The best thing about this film was its closing shot, which was masterful. Otherwise, a by the numbers picture made to be a send off to two greats. Works to ward off insomnia.

Don S (de) wrote: A film directed by Hitchcock and written by Steinbeck ? How could you lose? A good film with a tight cast! Great emotion and drama! I loved the complexities of having to trust your enemy! And the lady with the baby nearly broke my heart. Ms. Bankhead is superb in her role! Some of my best friends are... And p.s.- loved the way they got Hitchcock in a movie that takes place on a lifeboat out at sea! Bravo!

Jeff S (kr) wrote: All over the place and generic but does a few things right

Thomas B (kr) wrote: What can I say? Great cast, and...Yeah, that's about it really!5/10