The Other of Us

The Other of Us

Tomas loves Sofia. Sofia loves Tomas. Nothing is stronger than love?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:92 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Tomas loves Sofia. Sofia loves Tomas. Nothing is stronger than love? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Other of Us torrent reviews

Karl G (ca) wrote: Wow! Amazing, intense film. Loved it!

Rosalind W (us) wrote: A funny romantic movie by Wong Chu Chun and Ah Dan and Miriam. Story is simple but morden. It's good for those audience who want to have some laugh. Lam Fung is still Lam Fung, you can find his CHOCK look very easily from the movie :-( BTW, anyone who notice that Miriam always have drinks at the movie, wine and coffee?? haha~

Jared M (au) wrote: I liked that I hated it, at least.

John B (us) wrote: This falls into the category of period films that I don't like. Nothing to jump out to make me want to love it but with acting that is hard to criticize. I suppose if you like this sort of thing..

Graham R (fr) wrote: terrible, utter shite.

Brandon P (gb) wrote: Almost puked twice, this movie deserves negative 4 stars. Dude drinks a glass of water with a used tampon in it....enough said

Queen J (nl) wrote: Got this one from the library, too!

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: Nothing to impressive here as No Good Deed just kind of trickles along and though it is never dull it never really becomes good either.

Matt K (ag) wrote: A completely unique film. It doesn't matter if its bad or good (but it's good), it needs to be seen by all.

Michaela D (au) wrote: Entertaining, but that's it :-)

Karen H (gb) wrote: 2017-03-15 missed the first ~half, didn't seem to matter

Lisa Michelle A (kr) wrote: A semi-decent film, terrible in places. I only saw it for Alyssa Milano. I would only ever watch this the once.

Ashley D (ag) wrote: Can't believe I've only just seen this. Not only is the movie immensely thrilling, the character evolution is incredible and that is something rarely seen in horror movies - past and present.

Lindsey S (ca) wrote: The Dagger Debs are badass.

Kyle S (de) wrote: Not as refined as Stiller's later efforts, but nonetheless brilliantly pokes fun at the surfacing superficiality of the modeling industry.

Matt R (au) wrote: Like so many other horror anthologies, 'Southbound' has just as many hits as misses. Enjoyable though it is, with its hellish premise, it should have been a classic.