The Other One

The Other One

When perpetual never-do-well, August, hits rock bottom, he breaks into his rich neighbor's apartment to steal some money. When she turns up badly injured, he panics and hits the road, but he soon realizes he's being followed by an ominous stranger. Will his bad decisions finally destroy him, or can August find redemption?

When perpetual never-do-well| August| hits rock bottom| he breaks into his rich neighbor's apartment to steal some money. When she turns up badly injured| he panics
and hits the road| but he soon realizes he's being followed by an ominous stranger. Will his bad decisions finally destroy him| or can August find redemption? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Jerome Y (it) wrote: Great performance by the leads with a relatively simple story line (kind of predictable but still will be quite watchable).

Robert I (nl) wrote: Director's Cut is much better edited. This should've been the theatrical cut.Nonetheless, a flawed film due to two stars with major issues, hurricanes, and last minute rewrites.

Shannon J (br) wrote: There is not a movie in existence that I have seen more. Childhood to adulthood, this is profoundly the best background movie there will ever be.

Jacqueline A (ag) wrote: Kinda stupid plot but still well acted, nonetheless.

Jonny H (br) wrote: Hmm.. probably wasn't a good idea to make the a trilogy out of Fight back to school. It no longer has the 'school' element. And probably wasn't a good idea on my part to watch all 3 in a row, since I will now be comparing it to the first 2 (which was great).The parody to Basic Instinct and God of Gamblers(?) were funny, but still, a poor poor storyline.

Carlos M (kr) wrote: Frustrating and poorly made, this third chapter has an intriguing beginning but the development lacks the unbearable tension of the first film and the unstoppable action of the second, while its final act is like a tiresome slasher movie and the CGI of the creature atrocious.

Hillary D (us) wrote: It was a clownish flick that kept me laughing.

Anthony V (us) wrote: Actually a companion piece to Brimstone and Treacle.

bev c (us) wrote: Best Brat-Pack movie ever!

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Aj V (ca) wrote: A pretty good movie with a brilliant cast, I didn't get to see the whole film, but it looked pretty good. I'd like to see the whole movie sometime.

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