The Other Side of the Heart Is White

The Other Side of the Heart Is White

Supporters from all walks of life try to describe what makes so many inhabitants of Rotterdam love the red-and-white of Feyenoord so much. But, as one fan puts it: 'You can't explain it, you just have to feel it.' Made by a supporter for supporters.

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Mira Mohd S (it) wrote: This is one of best Korean films I have ever seen. Be prepared to invest sufficient attention into an arduous story of North- and South-Korean secret service affairs. Mostly North-Korean, because they are the main characters of the story. The action is top notch mainly on the lines of Bourne series & some really good performances. Must Watch for spy genre enthusiastics!!

Timm S (de) wrote: The Scenes In The Strip-Clubs Were About As Entertaining As It Got.. All The Rest Was A Try-Hard 'Dad Makes Good With Son' Story That Felt Totally Convoluted, Haphazard Hop-Har!

Matthew J (au) wrote: As out of place as Macaulay Culkin in a relationship with Alexis Dziena. I think the casting people may have been full on retarded

Paul D (jp) wrote: This isn't DC's best video movie release, however it's not a total dud. It's very colorful but the animation is inconsistent. Still, the boy seemed to like it.

Bryan C (gb) wrote: Un poco extraa esta peli... en realidad hay que ponerle demasiada atencin, uno no dabe cuando est pensando o cuando esta alucinando, o cuando son reales las cosas; pero bueno, tiene bastante suspenso y no te aburres.

AD O (kr) wrote: shaky feet on the escalator + wide eyed wonder upon the butt wiping tutorial = so endearing. a great reminder how fortunate we are to have been birthed on this side of things. and how unfortunate we make ourselves.

Jason S (us) wrote: There were no masterminds involved in making this bomb

Jeff B (au) wrote: Definitely one of the better adaptations I've seen but, after all, it is still Shakespeare.

Peter W (gb) wrote: A decent work by Ben Stiller on the difficult passage from childhood to self-responsibility. Authentic heartfealt dialogues in this serious comedy. You'll love Winona Ryder, but will she find her way?

Augustin C (au) wrote: "casting light on the dark side of my heart"

Shawn W (br) wrote: When the justice system is corrupt and completely fails to protect people against violent crime, it is time for citizens to balance the books. My favourite Fred Williamson role. I have seen it three times now and it has gotten better each time.

Private U (nl) wrote: So basically La Boum is the worst movie ever made and it's hilarious. However, La Boum was not an option so La Boum 2 will have to suffice.

Jillhelm H (ag) wrote: I love that movie, one of my top 10!

Chris S (es) wrote: Bunuel never ceases to intrigue me.

Brendan (gb) wrote: One of THE worst slashers ever. Wooden acting, cheesy gore FX, huge plot holes. Proof any moron with a camera can make a movie. So bad its good.

Bonnie C (br) wrote: A mediocre at best. Great cast but the storyline is too bland to showcase the acting.