The Other Side of the Mirror

The Other Side of the Mirror

In 1905, amidst the largest drug epidemic in American history, a teenage Alice has just moved to the Pacific Northwest. She follows a mysterious man down a rabbit hole, leading her into Wonderland; a dark and curious world inhabited by characters from turn-of-the-century America and the Pacific Northwest.

The film tells the story of a teenage girl named Alice, who follows a mysterious man through a rabbit hole and discovers Wonderland; a dark and curious world inhabited by characters from turn-of-the-century America and the Pacific Northwest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David W (nl) wrote: This was a brilliant film of a type you rarely see any longer. Today it is all Superheros all the time. Here is a film about a political philosopher, a Jew, a Nazi survivor, and a driven intellectual obsessed with the nature of evil. The film centers around the trial of Adolf Eichmann and what this meant to Hannah Arendt, Jewish communities, Israel, and the broader world. Well known intellectuals and philosophers pop in and out of the film...if the audience is not well read they'll have no idea of what is going on or who these people are. The film does not make it easy for those that are unread, poorly read, and that is wonderful. For the first time in a long time, I did not feel as though I were being spoken down to. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoys thinking and not just experiencing.

Bill B (gb) wrote: A fairly predictable story of revenge in the old west. While not among the best westerns you'll ever watch, at least someone made one. Worth the DVD rental, but I wouldn't buy it.

Biju B (es) wrote: a well crafted crime thriller, narrated through a 4 chapter format is effective. Ha Jung-woo (chaser, Berlin file) is a cab driver who is in dept, agrees on a assassination mission to South Korea to clear it off, but what follows is catastrophic. Gritty realistic bloody violence in abundance. Not to be missed violent action thriller from director Hong-jin Na (The wailing, The chaser).

Sandra D (it) wrote: I sat down to watch this movie because I thought it was The Good Shepherd movie with Matt Damon but I was wrong. But I decided to watch the movie anyway. This movie is about a priest (Slater) who believes that his fellow priest is innocent of the murder he's accused for. He starts cooperating eith a journalist in order to clear the priest's name. I wasn't all that amazed by this movie and it was a bit boring at times. Christian Slater's effort was the best thing about this movie.

Sherry M (ag) wrote: Very disappointing. Another portrait of English low life grubbiness. Even Michael Caine couldn't save it. Only enjoyable parts were Horowitz's singing and there wasn't enough of that.

Anthony J (gb) wrote: This is such formulaic crap. Kevin Smith is such a terrible writter and this was when Affleck was at his worst. Its full of annoying dialogue, and has this off putting tone. Not a single laugh.

James H (gb) wrote: lmao funny movie.. the song in the club " were having a gang bang, were having a ball!! " lol priceless... was a good movie.. a bit slow, but funny... gotta love british comedies...

Julienne W (br) wrote: -Lei non faccia il tunnel!-Cosa?-Lei mi sta scavando sotto, mi toglie la panna, la castagna da sola sopra non ha senso. Il Mont-Blanc non come un cannolo alla siciliana che c' tutto dentro, come uno zaino: lei se lo porta appresso per un mese e sta sicuro. Il Mont-Blanc si regge su un equilibrio delicato, non come la Sacher Torte...-Cosa?-La Sacher Torte...-Cos'?-Cio lei non ha mai ssaggiato la Sacher Torte?!-No.-Va be' continuiamo cos, facciamoci del male!

Andrew O (kr) wrote: It might be a little too strange and opaque for some, but Harold and Maude is a hilarious film, and surprisingly touching too, even if there is a occasionally muddled aspect to the storytelling.

Indiana J (ag) wrote: The caped crusader known as The Batman has been terrorizing, I mean saving Gotham for decades now. New versions come out that claim they are more akin to the comics. Every few years a new version of the long winded comic series starts a new. How many times has he Batman been killed? He has had more than 23 different Robins holding his cape over the years, it seems. This leads to a surprisingly wonderful ability for the creators to make any kind of Batman story and for it to have home in the complex universe of the franchise. Batman's big splash happened in the 1960's. He was a huge deal. He was plastered on anything. It would give Jar-Jar Binks a run for his marketing dollar. The show in the sixties only lasted three short years, much like Star Trek. However, Batman has always seemed to be playing second to 'Trek until recently. But growing up in the 80's one could easily find re-runs of the 60's show on TV after-school. And what great fun that was. There was nothing like it on TV. It was as if a comic or cartoon came to life. It gave me a reason to get through class and something to look forward to. Maybe these shows are not meant for a critical eye in that looking back at this will get the typical grunts and groans from normal people that work boring 40 hr work weeks. Batman, The Movie. Of which it was later just called the '66 Batman movie was great fun. If you made a super-long episode of the show you would pretty much get what the movie was. It had all the main villains, all the cool vehicles and a nice assortment of gadgets. The plot, well it's kind of crazy. It's almost a story that would be just for 1 villain to execute. Very easy to follow with lots of exposition. Hardly complex as it would be if you had 4 real super-villains conspiring to do some evil. Still, it takes on the Superman 4 theme of Batman protecting the world in a sort of toned down manner. All the bits from the show are here, minus the classic on-screen "pows", "bams" and "cracks" that would show up whenever violence, namely in the form of punches showed up. At the very end of the film they throw some in. But the art design is held back some compared to the bright and colorful locals of the show. There is a lot of character for what they have and most scenes are entertaining. Shows and films like this get called cheesy. But I saw no cheese in the movie. The characters hardly ate any food. How did they have energy to fight crime? Maybe the term 'cheese' refers to characters saying and doing things that they would not do in real life. If you are crazy you would not know that you are crazy right? It adds a certain bit of entertainment. I mean, where else would you see people acting this way. It's a bit unsettling. Maybe that's why people dismiss 'cheese'. They want a fully planned out movie that does not make them think about behavior, perception and properness in society. But, maybe that's too deep for a low budget Batman TV show movie. It's a lot of fun. Just enjoy it people! For the longest time this movie was the only way people could enjoy the classic show as well. It was full of rights issues in releasing the DVDs or something. They are finally out for all the world to enjoy. Or at least some. I wonder if kids today would enjoy sitting down and seeing the zany characters and ridiculous plots of the villains. It was eye catching and always seemed to go by so fast, full of cliff hangers. Much like the serials of the '40s. It's really a fun show with a lot of character and charm. Take a ride with classic Batman sometime kids. Spoilers BelowBest ActorTie. It seems like everybody is having fun. Nobody sticks out. Everybody has great lines and terrible ones. It would've been nice to see more custom costumes of the villains like in the shows or a surfing Batman.Worst ActorWhen Adam West played Bruce Wayne it was almost like he's doing the same role but without a costume on. A lot of the old stories focused on what Batman was doing anyways which is what fans want to see anyways. The newer movies spent way too much time on Bruce Wayne and his playboy life and 1st world problems. The scenes when he is Bruce, I almost just want to skip ahead. No love story playing out for me, thank you. Best SceneThe best scene hands down is the bomb scene. In this, Batman must get rid of a cartoon style bomb before it blows up. The fuse on this thing lasts forever and what happens is one of the best lines from the movie "Somedays, you just can't get rid of a bomb." While Batman runs around the marina looking for places to dispose of it he runs into all sorts of tense filled obstructions, such as a woman with a baby, a marching band playing music and plastic ducks floating in the water beside. It's hilarious and one of the craziest things you will ever see. It's almost a homage to the Benny Hill like British Comedy running around and doing things bits. Worst Scene One thing lacking in the movie is there are not many battles. In the show they would often have at least a few battles throughout the show and plot. It was great. In the movie there are really just the big battle on the sub at the end. Which is fantastic, but more could've been added.But for the pacing of the plot I think the scene where Penguin disguises himself as a boat captain and gets taken to the Bat Cave is out of place. It feels like filler material. And it puts the characters in a situation they would not normally do for no real reason other than to show the effects of the de-watering gun thingy. Batman is a smart fellow. He knew right away that it's really the penguin and would never take him back to his hide-out. That's just too risky. Penguin claimed he has plastic coated finger tips so they could not ID him. Just do a blood test or scrap the finger prints off. The end of the sequence has them track the Batmobile, which Penguin takes. Did Batman think this far ahead. If so, he's the ultimate chess master. This whole part of the film seems to slow the pacing down. Time is of the essence, lets crank up the speed producers! Hits- Batman on the big-screen!- Lots of locations, gadgets and vehicles. - Bat Ladder + Shark! Misses - More complex story needed. - Needed more gang fights. - Most of movie takes place in the daytime. Not very dramatic.

Ken T (br) wrote: This is a very fine story with exceptional action and acting. Begley's never been better. Van Heflin's true to the role.

Jacob W (ru) wrote: I found picking a scab more entertaining

Pierfrancesco G (mx) wrote: Thrilling and gripping epic about the most common of the clashes: of man vs nature.