The Outer Space Connection

The Outer Space Connection

This documentary examines the speculation that aliens have visited Earth in ancient times, and built structures to which they will return at a future date.

This documentary examines the speculation that aliens have visited Earth in ancient times, and built structures to which they will return at a future date. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sue H (ag) wrote: Love Love Jesse Stone Movies!

Matt C (ca) wrote: not terrible but cant rise above average kid fare

Carlito G (br) wrote: Very memorable. Viva La Revolucion !!!!

Jacob K (gb) wrote: Not as bad a I expected. But not a great movie regardless

HungYa L (fr) wrote: I actually love this rom com!!

Cameron S (ag) wrote: Before directing Takeshi Kitano was well known in Japan as one half of the incredibly popular stand up comedy duo 'The Two Beats'. Upon the disbanding of the duo Kitano moved on to more serious filmic ventures, creating a range of dark, nihilistic yakuza films between the years of 1989 and 1993. In 1995, however, following his suicide attempt Kitano returned to his "beat" roots, and released the slapstick comedy 'Getting Any?'.Received incredibly well in it's home country 'Getting Any' was the biggest success of Kitano's first 5 features. The plot follows Dankan, a social loser obsessed with the idea that if he is to have sex he must first own a car, as no woman can resist a man with a car. The narrative is incredibly episodic, with Dankan jumping from one ridiculous situation to another; in this sense the film feels like a feature length sketch show, with some of the jokes landing and others not.As the film continues it moves more and more into the realm of stupidity, leaving any semblance of character development and believability far behind. Dankan becomes an actor, a hit-man and half fly over the over-long 100 minute running time and, although never completely boring the film begins to feel tiresome as it nears its finale.Overall 'Getting Any?' is the weakest I've seen Kitano and puts an end to the director's spree of touching, brilliant cinema (which thankfully later returns). I'd only recommend this if you're a big Kitano fan.

Eric R (fr) wrote: I can't really bitch too much about a movie called Seedpeople. With that title and poster artwork you gotta know that you're going into a cheesy monster movie. The question is how cheesy and does it transcends into the "so bad it's good" category. Well, it's close, but it's just a seedling away.The film not surprisingly is a complete rip-off of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (pick which ever version you want) about some comets (that end up being giant seeds) that crash lands near a small town. The alien seeds which begin to sprout into large flowers that have pulsating "vagina" like parts that spew gallons "semen" all over unlucky folks that come near them. I'm not kidding as the special effects guys went all out to make this thing look sexual, so much that the "semen" spewing actually made me a little nauseous. After getting hit with the white goo, people emerge as little fanged monsters that have the incredible ability to morph from human to monster in a split second (what I don't get is when they morph into humans they somehow also morph into clothes). A geologist comes to town to study the meteors finds the comets to be seeds and a young girl at the bed and breakfest he's staying at starts noticing changes in local townfolk. Soon he catches on and he has to stop the spread of the seeds before they...dun, dun, dunnn.... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!Everything clich about monster movies and paranoia is thrown in here. We even get the predicable love triangle aspect! The film also rips off Invasion of the Body Snatchers so much that it even has the people taken over show NO emotion. COME ON! You might as well called it BODY SNATCHERS CASH-IN for Christ sake! Our little fanged monsters are also each unique and with names to match: Shooter, Tumbler, and Sailor. This is no doubt a marketing campaign by producer Charles Band to maybe try to sell some merchandise like his other films. Sadly Seedpeople wasn't that popular even with the Full Moon Entertainment crowd so no merchandise or sequels would follow.This is hokey beyond belief but sadly it just doesn't quit transcend that barrier of "so bad, it's good" category and it just ends up being bad. I still didn't find it a waste of time as it does entertain just enough to keep attention but I only recommend this feature to the most die hard Charles Band/Full Moon fanatic. A definite step below director Peter Manoogian's earlier schlocky classic Demonic Toys.

Alexis R (es) wrote: I know it's not totally historically accurate. So what. I fell in love with HBC & Elwes as this doomed couple who have so much love & hope. I pretty much cried. Who knew Cary Elwes was such a hottie before Princess Bride?

Katy N (ru) wrote: I love, love, love Peter Lawford in this movie. So entertaining.

Allan C (br) wrote: Pretty wild pre-code and early color film that features murder, bordellos, cannibalism, rape and other assorted nastiness that would remain unseen in films until the late 1960s. Michael Curtiz stylishly directed this film (more so than in his later big studio films) about a reporter's attempt to track down "The Moon Killer." The film features Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray and Lee Tracy. Not a classic, but a fun example of what films cold be like in the pre-code era of Hollywood.

Emily B (gb) wrote: Cecil B. DeMille's last silent feature and a great one it is too. The film starts with a high-school battle between the two gangs, the Athiests, led by Judy and the Believers led by the handsome Bob. When the believers gate crash the Godless Society's meeting a full scale riot braeks out and during all the commotion a girl falls to her death. Then we find ourselves in a brutal reform school. The two gang leaders and their neutral friend Bozo are sent there after the tragic accident. Both the girls and the boys are open to torture and punishment. Half way through the story Judy forgots her Atheist ways with the help of her new friend. Judy and Bob, who once were enemies fall in love and manage to escape, though they are not quite successful. This is essential religious propaganda, but even though the girl was converted so easily it is still like nothing else I've seen. Defiantly recommended.

Heather M (it) wrote: A good, but rather forgettable movie.