The Outpost

The Outpost

Gizella Weisz is an middle-aged office worker, who gets a promotion one day. Her boss told her that a new outpost is waiting for her. There she would be heading a new section. She travels from place to another and finally arrives at her new outpost. It is a remote shed, where a half-insane co-worker is waiting for her. It is obvious that Weisz has not been promoted, but punished. However Weisz does not realize that herself. Without questioning she just accepts her promotion.

A top secret experiment intended to produce a superhuman has gone terribly wrong. Now the creators, trapped in a remote desert outpost, are being pursued ruthlessly by their creation. With ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (it) wrote: Simon Killer is hypnotic, stylish, and has a killer soundtrack, but it's style over substance. Clearly. Brady Corbet and Mati Diop are fabulous, but Antonio Campos tries too hard to make this an artsy, sensory overload experience. It's just dull and oftentimes very unwatchable.

Paul G (br) wrote: Hilarious film. I call it a gem, Lance Henriksen is quite a character in this. The acting was comical, the people were fun to watch, the special effects were cheap as hell being digital and all, everyone knows that prop special effects is way better but I won't hold that against this rare treat.

Sanal R (ru) wrote: Gosling proves that he is one of the most talented actors of our age with a tense & powerful performance as the self-destructive teacher.

Candy R (ag) wrote: Sweet Christmas movie where Santa loses his memory after falling out of his sleigh.

Ryan A (nl) wrote: This is a movie okay.

Robert G (ru) wrote: Mark Dacascos, aka Iron Chef Chairman, pretending to be a samurai. I mean they did American Ninja, so there had to be balance in the force, right? No, there really doesn't. We only need ninjas.

Dean H (ru) wrote: Can be taken a lot more seriously than you'd think.

Patryk C (ca) wrote: Although Hitchcock outdone himself with the later version of The Man Who Knew Too Much, this is certainly his breakthrough film and one of the most suspenseful movies of the 30's. Although it may come as stagnant at times, this visually compelling vintage mystery tale shows an auteur approach by a man, who went on to create some of the greatest movies in film history. With strong dialogues and a memorable scene at the famous Albert Hall in London, this movie will definitely satisfy not only die-hard Hitchcock fans.

Sgt C (us) wrote: (22%)Some decent car based action aside, this is pretty awful. Latifah tries, but the script is lazy, unfunny, and beyond impossible to care enough about to follow even with its very simple (stupid) plot. Fallon with his hugely annoying performance makes the movie almost unwatchable at times, and between the action there's really nothing to see here whatsoever besides the pretty models trying to act.