The Outraged

The Outraged


Documentary about the protest movement that swept across Europe in 2011, from the point of view of an illegal immigrant about his experiences in the movement. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katie C (it) wrote: I rather enjoyed this flick. I think it would have a made a great TV series too. I would have loved to have more time for the crazy antics from each of the green team. Don't watch this if you fear needles or blood you might find yourself out cold. It humorously villainizes the big pharma groups and testing medical farms out there. It a great little flick if you have time.

Jamie P (gb) wrote: You wouldn't know it's a low budget film by watching it. The director really has an eye for the camera and the story while not ranging far from it's sources is unique enough and entertaining. The only down side is it's translation to English. Wish I understood German so I could watch it in it's original form. Extremely stylish and sexy too. The "transformation" scene literally took my breath away.

Anthony V (it) wrote: Sounds like a rip off of "The Iron Ladies".

RAFFRAY F (jp) wrote: An adorable story, Oh my god, Pilar will make you cry !

Gary C (jp) wrote: Loved tom was as good as ever

Anol Z (mx) wrote: this movie is teaching me how to tortured ppls!!! is one of the sicked movie i've ever watch in my life! (it was good but horrible) for whoever had a weak heart pls do not watch this.....

Chloe C (es) wrote: a good movie on staying positive and courageous in spite of cancer.

Konrad K (au) wrote: A slow, yet very sad and emotive film covering the hardships that one must endure in the capitalist society we live in, ranging from finanical issues to relationships and friendships.

Ayse E (fr) wrote: One of the best movies made about OCD. It is shame that this movie is listed under "romantic movies".

John M (ru) wrote: Sort of like watching the research done for the movie Titanic. James Cameron, Bill Paxton and a bunch of Russians revisit the sunken ship with the the latest technology, imagining how things may have been on that fateful night. Documentaries really aren't my thing, but this one did hold my attention; you don't get to see a sunken ship on the bottom of the ocean everyday. It is cool to see Cameron working on the thing that fascinates him the most. Even though I watched it about 24 hours ago, it did make me want to watch Titanic again. The more you are interested in the subject matter, the more you will be interested in this; you only really need to seek it out if the blockbuster filled you with fascination.

Sebastian Rio (nl) wrote: One of the BEST! films I have ever seen.

Shanae R (ca) wrote: Oh yeah now this is my movie Hands down. When a woman is fed up there is nothing a man can do about it except BURN.

Chris D (kr) wrote: No matter the time period, close friendship's such as this occur within a brief window in life and director Barry Levinson was fortunate enough to put his own memories onto screen...on another note, Paul Reiser is just as annoying in 1982 as he is now.

Matthew B (de) wrote: Time Bandits is my least favorite movie from Terry Gilliam, but keep in mind it's not a terrible movie as I can see Gilliam heart was in the right place at the right time.

Michael C (ca) wrote: A truly miserable plot is saved by the styish direction of Bava, and the largely credible performance by Joseph. A few really atmospheric set piecs elevate the film, but it's roots- at heart a basic modern gothic monster movie, provide plenty of charm.

Laurel S (nl) wrote: Good but not the best!

Zachary M (au) wrote: This movie often gets off scoot free compared to Batman & Robin, but I've always found this one to be the most infuriating of all the 90's Batman movies. At least the aforementioned movie, has cheesy lines that are fun to laugh at, even in an ironic way. This has none of that. Uninteresting characters and without the decency to be so bad it's good, it truly is the low point in the pre-cinematic universe of super hero movies.

Sean C (de) wrote: The kind of film that makes you want to spray napalm on the trailer parks of America. Of course it was filmed on the West Bank.