The Outside

The Outside

The story of young aspiring professional surfer Ned Blakey. It chronicles the life of Ned as he lives out his dreams, unfortunately his life gets turned upside down and he eventually hits ...

The story of young aspiring professional surfer Ned Blakey. It chronicles the life of Ned as he lives out his dreams, unfortunately his life gets turned upside down and he eventually hits ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob B (it) wrote: what is real or what is illusion? that's the major theme in this extremely corny late 80s horror movie. it plays more like an unintentional comedy. too much of the movie is painfully obvious in what it's intentions are making the whole gimmick it's pushing for lame. however there are a few inspired moments, but overall never achieves for anything golden. donna wilkes and linda blair do whatever is possible tor rise above the messy material.

Mike L (it) wrote: The opening half hour was great. Really captured the devastation and the characters gave the Katrina victims a voice. The tension was there and so was the potential but a third character was introduced and his acting was so bad that it really took me back out of the movie.

Wrik S (jp) wrote: A movie with very very strong visuals, but fails to create the impact it needs to, for a movie of this genre

brooklyn Man things a (ca) wrote: watch it all the time

Joe H (ca) wrote: Winona looks hot as ever here so will get on this

MarieClaude B (ag) wrote: Worst movie ever made...I was suffering...and I'm not kidding

Rahima D (ca) wrote: Another movie about love triangle and sacrificing own love for friendship. This movie wasn't bad but I hated the ending.

Kim B (es) wrote: James bought it for me..Jana and I love it

Matthew A (de) wrote: oh my god. every filmmaker and actor should see this.

Robert S (es) wrote: Probably one of my new Wilder favorites. The comedy in this movie was non stop till the end. Full of pranks and Wilder ridiculousness. I love the fact that they totally askew the past and make something funny out of something that was horribly bloody and not funny in reality. This movie had lots of different things going on that almost made it too confusing to keep up with but just ended up being part of the comedy itself. If you are a Wilder fan than this is a must watch. Everyone in this movie gives awesome performances.

Tim M (au) wrote: a great set but had to watch this at 64x ...

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Wouldnt mind seeing.

Todd L (gb) wrote: Many consider this to be the best of the Frankie and Annette Beach Party movies. We're still not talkin' Oscars here, but it's good fun. The highlight here is Frankie Avalon playing his normal role as well as that of a bizarre British pop star called the Potato Bug. And, of course, Harvey Lembeck is hilarious as Eric Von Zipper once again.

Mark P (gb) wrote: Half a star is generous, bored me senseless, watch this if you suffer from insomnia

Karl B (mx) wrote: Man of Steel looked fantastic, but felt like it was missing something in the heart and soul department. Superman vs. The Elite on the other hand is full of heart and soul but isn't the greatest looking DC animation I've seen. It raises questions about morality and whether the old boy scout in blue is still relevant in today's world which makes for a more compelling story. It's sad that DC animated movies always seem to nail the character better than the live action films and get overlooked.I will say I'm not a fan of the Supes is drawn in this. His chin is a little too super.

Pamela A (mx) wrote: Love This movie. Ellen Barkin is gorgeous, sexy, (I usually don't use that word for women since I am one), but she is that and much more. So under rated. One of the BEST Actresses, besides her perfect looks. Am turned off by most Liberal Hollywood, to the degree that I have boycotted most of them. But if the movie is as good as this one I might give in and watch again! Trump2016

Alexa M (ag) wrote: I love it 100%The ending is truly emotional and we need more awesome films like this.

Kevin M W (kr) wrote: You'll need to be able to decipher a Glasgow accent to catch a ride in this Robert Carlisle directorial offing wherein an everyman barber suddenly finds his life littered with body parts and the coppers closing in on him as the suspected killer. I laughed throughout this dark comedy that's totally stolen by zaftig Emma Thompson as a bingo lady gone way bad.