The Overtaxed

The Overtaxed

Since the IRS has ordered new taxes, all traders in the village are tormented. Only Torquato Pezzella, a wealthy merchant of rain does not give in to despair general. To escape the contributions it has offered a tax advisor, the very respectable Curto Hector, who is in reality an ignorant on the subject. Still, Pezzella that has so far managed to avoid the taxes through the valuable advice of his new partner. Until one day an inspector of the brigade versatile, the formidable Topponi Fabio decides to check himself the accounting of this individual who is enriched by eye and does not report to the state. The note is difficult to digest; home Pezzella owes more than fifteen million in contributions. However, an unexpected event will upset all the data ...

Il maresciallo Topponi si presenta una mattina nel grande negozio di tessuti del cavalier Pezzella, per un accertamento fiscale. Su consiglio del consulente fiscale, il negoziante tenta di ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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