The Oxford Murders

The Oxford Murders

At Oxford University, a professor and a grad student work together to try and stop a potential series of murders seemingly linked by mathematical symbols

Arthur Seldom (John Hurt), a prestigious professor of logic, and Martin (Elijah Wood), a young graduate student, work together to try to stop a potential series of murders seemingly linked by mathematical symbols at Oxford University. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian L (kr) wrote: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring.

Joel M (kr) wrote: outstanding performance for a part of WW2 history that many are not aware

Bengel W (es) wrote: A film proving that some things need to be taken to really secluded dark place, which are preferably locked, from the outside. Photography is startlingly rich in its composition and lighting, giving an industrial air to the movie. Well acted the film is so odd that it is worth the watch just so that one can admire the world of the dork. Nibbles: Chinese Noodle Soup.

Kieran B (mx) wrote: 4 stars for Ronnie Drew!

Maurice X (fr) wrote: Reasonably gripping if you don't have to think about it, but some events need some explaining. The car explosion in a busy hospital area - no other cars in the vicinity. Who has wired the car? Why was the husband disposed of, to take full control of his company? Why was KL-B taking the daughter away at the end? If the gates were locked, how come everybody can get to the front door? Wouldn't it have been easy to re-erect the ladder & hold it for the daughter to climb down? How did the police get to the house so quickly? What did I miss when HS was seeing flashes of BZ & KL-B together? Why didn't BZ just let HS die on the operating table the first time?

Daniel F (it) wrote: A rare to find gem. Not yet released on DVD, this HBO 2-part series from 1992 is one of the best played and most accurate portrayal of Stalin, with an amazing and extremely convincing performance by Robert Duvall. Recommended for history and cinema buffs.

UnDeR R (au) wrote: i like the musice of the opening scene ot this movie

Mohammed M (ag) wrote: such a fun film,written by Coen brothers

roger t (it) wrote: great music from williams/yamashta and beautifully and creepily shot by zsigmond. york is very compelling in the lead role and her performance really makes this film work. strongly recommended.

Glenn B (jp) wrote: This one gave me serious nightmares as a kid, but it's sheer laff-a-minit antics now. Thrill as a very out of place John Agar and some Danish astronauts journey to Uranus and battle a brain in a cave that has the power to make dreams into reality! Just awful, multicolored and ... sigh. The kind of thing they just don't do any more. I love it! ;^) The goofy, croon-y theme song at the end is worth the price of admission.

Leonard D (gb) wrote: Oh wow! Jodi Bowker was hot/beautiful! Harry Hamlin was a pretty good Perseus, and still enjoy watching him till this day. It's a great tribute to the special effects wizard himself Ray Harryhausen, and still find enjoyment in it! Sure, it ain't a perfect take on Greek mythology, (the kraken was supposed to be a squid), but scenes like medusas lair really delivered with the tension!

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Matthew Samuel M (kr) wrote: It wins largely due to nostalgia, but Rocky Balboa delivers almost the same amount of heart that the first film is known for, along with another amiable performance from Stallone.

Thomas S (de) wrote: I love this movie but a little to predictable for my taste but I will find you and I will kill you