The Pacific and Eddy

The Pacific and Eddy

In the wake of a sudden loss, Eddy unexpectedly skips town leaving his friends to mourn for him. A vagabond musician, Eddy runs until there is nowhere to run but home.

In the wake of a sudden loss, Eddy unexpectedly skips town leaving his friends to mourn for him. A vagabond musician, Eddy runs until there is nowhere to run but home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (nl) wrote: Art House picture with a lot of conviction in the style, where the camera never moves and the scenes are long single takes. It does detract somewhat from the arguably heavy storyline that is taking place, which is a subtle critic on devoutness.

Ryan Y (jp) wrote: Just caught wind of this one, very interesting little film.

Alberto V (es) wrote: "- God, I really hope you're here...- I've always been here..."csm mor cn esa wea ! o.ola acabo de ver ! xDes muuuy buena :Dhahahah me encantcomo no sentirse identificado cn el personaje jajajajajajaes notable =)y como buena pelcula india con harto musical xD estuvo genial jajajaAlisha le amuuuu, era como Eva Mendez pero ms menudita, ms nice y sin esa cocksucker's face!! xD xD xD xD xD=)x fin una pelcula buena ! :D

Sylvester K (nl) wrote: Easily one of the worst films ever. I actually felt bad for everyone who chose to be a part of this film.

Chris D (au) wrote: The story meanders far more than was reasonable, and I didn't "get" Pine's character at all (he's a boxing, wine-drinking, jealous hippy...okkaaaayyy). I saw the film for Rickman, and he played a fun character: it's too bad he wasn't on the screen the whole film. Shoutout to Bill Pullman, as well, for the best work in the film as a banking partner turned vineyard owner. I don't know why Dennis Farina is here, but I really enjoyed seeing the detective's banter with Professor Snape :-P

Kaya M (fr) wrote: I watched this entire movie and I don't know what it was about. There are so many characters and I don't remember what any of them did. Why is she named Becky? That question haunted me the whole movie long. Her trunk that begins with her could have been a nice through-line, but what. Actually, someone tell me, what? What did her son look like? I am also wondering this. Doesn't the guy who plays Rawdon look like Hugh Jackman? Why didn't they just get Hugh Jackman. Here is what I learned from the movie: you can start as a whore and try not to be a whore but you'll be a whore, maybe in India.

Peter P (br) wrote: There are some girls who are super sweet, and then some girls who are really prissy, and then there are some girls that you don't want to mess with cause they will punch the crap out of you, this is a movie about that. It is ok, the acting is fine for the most part, but it is kinda predictable, but that is nothing new.

Kyle B (ca) wrote: A solid political film directed by one of the greats Mike Nichols. John Travolta took some time to really get used to but if he was going for a Clinton like character he did it great. Emma Thompson is magnificent as ever as well as Kathy Bates. It has some nice moments but it never felt like a great Mike Nichols film just a solid one

Sowmya J (au) wrote: I think d only smart thing the Director did was by casting Carol Kane otherwise d Movie is ridiculous.....

Ben B (jp) wrote: Not the way I remember it when I saw it on television. Very sappy and over dramatic. and it's situations are almost like a SNL sketch.

Elgan D (gb) wrote: Poorly made film. Much of the dialogue is hard to make out because of the lack of quality of the sound recording. Should never have been banned as the killing scenes are only shocking in the execution of their production.

Ilja S (it) wrote: This fifht and final movie of the original series sadly does not end in the way we wanted and/or expected. It moves fast from very cheesy to very griddy scenes, get extremely confusing at some points, and fails completely in storytelling. I still enjoy it throughout, but when you have to talk yourself into watching a movie, it is never a good sign.

RJohn X (nl) wrote: Now this is the stuff! A real good filthy one. Not only is the good Baron treating the criminally insane in a dirty prison, but he is blackmailing the warden and using the inmates as his only personal body farm. Along comes the uppity Shane Briant as Dr. Helder, who has been convicted of the same sort of arrogant grave robbing organ harvesting. Why these ghouls rely upon town drunkards, I will never understand. Madeline Smith plays the Angel, who does not talk, just looks longingly at the various scenery keeping her bosoms well covered. Still what a fetching young girl! Darth Vader plays the monster ape man with the rotting brain of a math professor. Bad things happen. Mainly to the monster. The ending is one of the best in the series.

Alexander P (us) wrote: Great to see Lee on form with Dracula again and speaking too. Great plotlines and twists - as usual beautiful scenery and cinematography

Cristbal S (nl) wrote: Amazingly funny, Wes Anderson's second film is everything you've come to expect, Schwartzman character is surprisingly enchanting, even though his unpleasant personality.

Seth L (gb) wrote: A movie with some laughs and a lot of heart, that has a great moral message on how not to judge people with how they look. You'd expect the Farrelly Brothers to be crude and offensive but it isn't. The jokes are good and when it gets serious, it succeeds. It's a great date movie and I still enjoy it to this day. Cukoo! Cukoo!

Thomas C (kr) wrote: While it doesn't feel like a movie we haven't seen a million times, it doesn't completely fail to entertain and it collects a few laughs. I couldn't stop thinking I was watching a remake of "Dodgeball" with magic instead of dodgeball though. Also, Steve Buscemi didn't look quite convinced.