The Pact

The Pact

After their mother passes away, sisters Nicole and Annie reluctantly return to their childhood home to pay their last respects. While staying overnight in the house, the sisters sense a mysterious presence in their midst: noises startling them in the night, objects moving about, a fallen picture of an unknown woman posed next to their mother. Annie begins experiencing a series of intense and disturbing dreams - visions that lead her to uncover something terrible about her mother's past that is finally revealing itself.

Arriving at her childhood house to attend her mother funeral, Annie is informed that her sister Nicole is missing.  With the disappearing of Liz – Nicole’s cousin, Annie believes that supernatural events happen in the house. Accompanied by Detective Bill Creek, Annie decides to go further in investigation the house and discovers dark secrets from the past of her family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob K (kr) wrote: What a delightfully creepy movie! After watching the first episode of the HBO series, I felt duty-bound to see the original, especially after friends urged me too. The movie does a very creditable job of depicting a technology-driven artificial landscape, and there's a growing sense of menace throughout the film, particularly when the lead technician discusses the growing volume of inexplicable errors, in very detailed Crichton-esque language. I'm not used to seeing Richard Benjamin act dramatically, and James Brolin has a terrific sense of whimsy here. He is also a dead ringer for Christian Bale. Very fun.

Ernie E (ag) wrote: Cube meets Nacho Libre meets 2001 meets ??????? "Symbol" is the weirdest movie I have seen in a long time, creative& funny with some mindfuck at the end, typically japanese silly in parts and overall a true original that you could only find in Japan. A definitive step up from Matsumoto`s first feature "Big Man Japan", which was pretty creative too, but dragged on for too long like a badly told joke. "Symbol" is paced just right, has some great WTF?-moments and is entertaining as hell. I love this guy!

Pete S (au) wrote: Good portrayal of the era

Sonya K (es) wrote: I've seen some of it, I probably won't like it all, but I'm sure to like some of it. Its still Green Day.

Brandon W (mx) wrote: James Wong is back to make another Final Destination film. I heard that this was actually suppose to be the last one of the series, that is until The FInal Destination is made is suppose to be the "last movie". From the looks of it, it does look like it was trying to end it with a bang, and it worked, but it still felt like the same as usual from the other movies. The acting is good, especially Mary Elizabeth Winstead who is one of the best parts of the film. The writing is decent, and actually says some interesting things about death itself and its "plan". Even the clues that lead up to the deaths are actually clever and you wouldn't really know how they are going to die. The plot is the same as same as usual, but it doesn't try anything new besides the deaths and the clues. The movie barely even talks about the premonition, and Tony Todd's character is not even in this movie which is disappointing as he is the most interesting character in the series although the actor's voice in in this movie. The roller coaster premonition is effectively terrifying, the deaths are very creative, and it was never boring despite it being the same. The characters are stupid however and they could've survive some of the situations. I do wish that it could've developed the characters more, the plot better, and more of death that could've been more deeper, but Final Destination is still an entertaining film nevertheless.

Rhett W (br) wrote: The greatest pirate film of all time; one of the greatest films of all-time.

deana p (fr) wrote: must see for all you warmongers!

Dominic S (ru) wrote: What a very complex story line for some to follow, but nonetheless, this film is a very well constructed one with great character development and coverage.Gosford Park is about a weekend long house party that has many friends of the hosts come from different areas to attend. Rumors immerge and gossip is spun around.All of the sudden a murder occurs on the patriarch of the house and so many questions suspicions occur as a result.I really enjoyed Altman's other films "The Player" and "Short Cuts," but maybe because "Gosford Park" took place in 1932 England and the fact that the film was dull are what made me dislike the film.But disregarding that, this film was still directed well with a great screenplay.Gosford Park, I give you a 70%.

Katherine A (au) wrote: By Noah Annis .It's the best movie I ever saw.

Kevin L (mx) wrote: Why are there like 6 of these movies I have no idea. Boring and uninspired. But Eliza Dushku <3