The Painted Veil

The Painted Veil

The wife of a doctor in China falls in love with a diplomat.

A wife neglected by her husband, a medical researcher in China, falls in love with a dashing diplomatic attaché. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Utkarsh D (es) wrote: The movie is very good with brilliant acting by the leads.The story line was good and was presented well.Thumbs up For Pradeep Sarkar

Toni R (ru) wrote: wow, very nice movie. Seen last night on the Swiss TV. Some drama, some comedy... Marianne Faithfull is amazing in her role.

Ryan M (ca) wrote: Containing the most memorable French traffic jam since Godard's 'Weekend', Claire Denis' film is a cinema of pure sensation - drying your hair in front of a car heater, listening to high heels clip-clop across a street, gulping water straight from the bathroom tap and the myriad other ways in which the physical world, every day and virtually unnoticed, anchors our minds to our bodies.

Keira R (br) wrote: Interesting film...a little too long (or maybe it's slow) but not too bad. It's not terrible & it's not great. I've seen better. The acting is OK, the theme a bit depressing so if you're feeling blue or 'magenta' don't watch this film. Interesting (and by interesting I mean 'not so good') mother/daughter dynamic.

Joel K (us) wrote: Excelent movie. It was so funny and somewhat heart wrenching.

Nelson H (es) wrote: Not the best Cundieff movie...but like always...he's coming from left field with his plotline. You gotta respect that.

James D (ag) wrote: If you look at this movie on the surface, it's just a kick ass drug trip. But once you scratch the surface... A lot, you will see the genius of the masterful film maker David Lynch. I have no problem saying that Eraserhead is in the top 100 movies of all time and top 10 horror movies of all time. If you want a movie that you don't need to think about it, this is not the movie for you. You will want to see every sing analysis of the movie and watch it over and over and over. I highly recommend this film.

Paul D (mx) wrote: When this first came out critics gave this film a lot of hate. Fast forward a couple decades later I wonder if they would feel the same way. This is exactly how most schools are these days. The last thing schools care about is education for our children. This film captures the politics of school perfectly!

Nicholas L (ag) wrote: The cinematography of the movie doesn't match up with what the story deserves which is a love letter and tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of he soldiers in the Vietnam war as well the families that had to let them go. Still Mel Gibson and Michael Clayton deliver awesome performances as two totally different men.

Jason C (ru) wrote: Cool Fights, BAD Story

THOMAS S (es) wrote: In this flim a bunch of half haked women run from aother knife wielding nutbag with no life. I was so glad this one had an original premise.

Vadim D (fr) wrote: The effects still hold up and the dueling between Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn is priceless. Zemekis' film still entertains and is a much better and more entertaining film than the reviews and the score indicated here.