The Panama Deception

The Panama Deception

This documentary details the case that the 1989 invasion of Panama by the US was motivated not by the need to protect American soldiers, restore democracy or even capture Noriega. It was to force Panama to submit the will of the United States after Noriega had exhausted his usefulness.

A film about the true reasons for the 1989 US invasion of Panama and big media complicity in these activities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (gb) wrote: Not as bad as the critics say, but although I'm not a conspiracy theorist does seem like an establishment effort (government/news media) to totally discredit Assange for one rason or another as they no doubt see him as a threat. He may well be an arse, I don't know, but I think exposing corruption is a good thing and I can't help feeling this film seemed biased from the off, which made it not that good