The Panic in Needle Park

The Panic in Needle Park

This movie is a stark portrayal of life among a group of heroin addicts who hang out in Needle Park in New York City. Played against this setting is a low-key love story between Bobby, a young addict and small-time hustler, and Helen, a homeless girl who finds in her relationship with Bobby the stability she craves.

The film tells the love story of Bobby, a heroin addict who lives in "Needle Park," and Helen, a lonely homeless girl, who later gets addicted too. Life goes downhill for them both as their addiction deepens, eventually leading to a series of betrayals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristen L (br) wrote: It was exciting animation, a little busy at first but it just takes getting used too. The story feels like it will take a very odd turn at any moment so you find yourself a little on guard but give it some time, the cynical humor is worth it.

Jerome Y (mx) wrote: Weird... don't waste money because I did not... saw the on cable...

Don L (ag) wrote: College level film with a small budgetFlight of Fury surely has to be the worst film to include feature Steven Seagal.Even worse than ATTACK FORCE, M Keusch, the college level director helps completely destroy whatever the script and actors could have brought to this poor film. There is an entertaining and unexpected scene in this film which helped relieve the tedium, and that is where 2 female soldiers have a short lesbian romp, out of the blue. At that point I thought the film might U-turn and transform into something entertaining and watchable, but of course, as soon as the breasts were covered again, mediocrity and poor lines continued to be poorly delivered. The action scenes are particularly awful, the camera shakes like a leaf in a force 10 gale, blurring the images to the point where you seriously wonder what the producers and director were thinking. They couldn't have done a worse job. Seagal to me was sidelined in the film, I was too distracted by how terrible the film was. Seagal didn't speak a lot and when he did it wasn't anything he hadn't said a million times before in every other film he's done. Usually he'll say something to the effect of "Yes", "No", "I'm going to go and kill the bad guys now". Any lines that he delivers that relate to the story are said with utter disregard, as if he just wants to skip the quiet scenes and start scrapping. 20 minutes toward the end of the film and I was having trouble keeping my eyes from closing, I wanted to instead switch it off, look at the wall for 10 minutes and forget all about this school project of a film. A nightmare. I could speak about other problems of the film, such as the terrible lighting, but just reference some of my previous Seagal films if you need any more detail about it. 0.5/5 - lowest rated film by Seagal so far.

Davide C (br) wrote: A pretty strong story with a great backbone, Miami looking great, plot works well and a fantastic cast to complement the film.

Brandon S (de) wrote: The action is big and fun, but everything else is deeply rooted in absurdity without the charm and self-awareness of the original. I never thought I'd say this, but Rob Cohen's directorial presence is missed here.

Amanda H (au) wrote: Aidan Quinn and Emmy Rossum were really the only interest I had in watching this, but I was actually pretty impressed. This is bleak and often depressing, but also comes across as very realistic and I found myself absorbed in the movie within the first few minutes. There are some great performances here, and while I couldn't watch this over and over, I'm really glad I gave it a chance.

Tom H (gb) wrote: not to bad to be a swayse movie. he gets to show more of his acting abilities in this one. not a great story do. and to predictable.

Douglas W (jp) wrote: well-crafted script with a triangle relationship that ends w/a tragic twist.

Matthew S (de) wrote: I watched this movie with every intention of loving to hate it. Much to my dismay, it's actually a well written, directed, and dare I say, acted film. I swear, I'm not being sarcastic.

Michael M (de) wrote: Ignore the misleading title, a real treat for gore hounds

James C (mx) wrote: Very scarce on the humour here, fav part is with the burger! so that pushes it to one star, rest is pretty tedious.

Paul D (au) wrote: Cary Grant's pseudo-contribution to the war effort is mainly a dragging story of a loner returning back to his cockney roots. We see less of the persona that is associated with Grant and a bit more acting in a story where events lead to redemption for his character's ill ways.

Eric R (br) wrote: Terrrific clever comedy that was the superior predecessor to Heaven Can Wait. Claude Rains enlivens every film he's in.

Vince K (fr) wrote: if you cant sleep this movie is better than any prescription meds ,you will be out in minutes

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Kyle H (es) wrote: Upon watching Steve Rash's 2012 film Crooked Arrows, I was blown away. More specifically, I was shocked by how awful this movie was. For trying to sell itself as an original movie about a less than mainstream sport, the sole fragment of originality is that it's the only recent large scale movie about lacrosse. With a variety of shoddy characteristics, a clich storyline, and derogatory stereotypical racism, Crooked Arrows does not live up to its expectations. Set in present day New York, the heart of lacrosse country, a falling apart Native American based high school team appears to have no way to climb out of the depths of their dismal start to the season. In a (much) less than surprising turn of events (dare I warn you with a spoiler alert?), the team starts to find success. Examining the elements of this film, the acting, line delivery, and script all leave much to be desired. Seemingly out of place expressions and sloppy timing are rampant, and combining the two with a basic and cheesy script certainly does not disguise the subpar acting. What could have been an enthralling and powerful storyline is instead received less than half-heartedly as a shallow and ironic joke. Everything that is intended to be serious and filled with emotion comes off as empty and unintentionally laughable. Additionally, just when you think this movie can't possibly get any more clichd, it does. There are three different instances of "unexpected" heroins; the interest conflicted coach, weak-link player, and impossibly dilapidated team that all exemplify the overused and groan worthy triumph that is the zero-to-hero. If you just cannot get enough of the rags-to-riches or worst-to-first storyline, this movie is for you. In many ways this film resembles a lacrosse version of Remember The Titans or We Are Marshall, except worse. I could manage to bear a clich filled movie if it was at least presented in a creative and compelling way like those two films. As far as direction is concerned, a dismal performance is more than a compliment. Not only is the opening scene of ancestral Native American lacrosse a poor representation of that culture, its oversimplification for the movie's purposes serves more as an insult to Native American people than as a bridge to the rest of the film. No, Steve Rash, simply dressing a few actors with war paint on their faces and sending them howling after a ball is not a very effective transition scene, especially when the players' devotion throughout the rest of the movie is disposed towards honoring their own people's history. Throughout the movie typical stereotypes are presented, from Maug, described as a savage that can "catch and eat a deer with his bare hands", to the wise elder stereotype with character Crooked Arrow. The offensive oversimplification of important history and unoriginality of not even slightly moving away from the most common stereotypes does not impress. If you could not already tell, I would not highly recommend this film. Poor movie characteristics and a superficially clichd plot combined with racism towards Native Americans do not make a recipe for success, and is especially not worthy of your valuable 105 minutes. Take your time elsewhere, anywhere else.

Joetaeb D (nl) wrote: The Devil inside fails to make anything scary for the buffs nor of the interest of average filmgoers. And worse yet, offers an intelligence insulting ending that reminds everybody involved and not involved in movie making how NOT to make a conclusion

Toby S (kr) wrote: I have this one in the original vhs copy and still love it today! Fisher stevens as a bad ass come on.... classic

Joey S (ag) wrote: At no point does anyone need to see this . Still better than good dinosaur