The Paper Boy

The Paper Boy

A homicidal twelve-year-old paperboy becomes obsessed with a woman and her daughter next-door, and he'll do anything to make his fantasy of the "perfect family" come alive.

A paper-boy murders an old lady only to lure her family from the city out to the country. As each day passes the paper-boy tries to make friends with the family. Once the family sees what a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Paper Boy torrent reviews

Inta K (ca) wrote: booooooring nightmare.. and i dont really see where there was any horrorw..though liked first part.. where girl had tattoo which gave her powers to kill..

Ryan M (ru) wrote: Absolutely sensational! Such a charming little film about one of the most interesting topics I have seen in a long time. Damn I need to learn how to tango!

Jeremy S (ca) wrote: You know why would anyone get close to Kersey? They all end up dead or dying at some point run the other way!

Darren H (au) wrote: In this fun action-adventure Roger Moore leads a commando team that must come to the rescue of two oil rigs in the North Sea and a Norwegian cargo vessel that have been targeted with booby trapped bombs. Playing very much against type Moore's eccentric character "Ffolkes" doesn't like women and instead enjoys the company of cats. The supporting cast of this movie is also extraordinary. James Mason plays a naval commander, David Hedison is the executive for the oil company and Anthony Perkins is the head of the terrorists. It is a tense, suspenseful adventure with the occassional light touch of humor and I highly recommend it.

Tasos L (fr) wrote: One of the lost gems of 70s horror...In my opinion one of the films that affiliate a strongly Italian giallo atmosphere...!

CB M (gb) wrote: Beautiful story of loneliness, dependence and the relationships that spark when least expected. Plummer is wonderfully witty as a 75 year-old man who's recently come out.

Gillian M (jp) wrote: not as good as I thought I would be but still enjoyable! Michael Parks was amazing!

Nigel K (it) wrote: How can such a talented cast make such a lousy film?