The Parallel

The Parallel

Pregnant Emmy is drugged by her boyfriend and taken to an illegal abortion clinic, but the ordeal makes her sterile. One day she decides to adopt an orphan girl who always keeps a doll which turns out to be possessed.

A little girl witnesses the brutal murder of her mother during working hours in a Thailand store. Strange things begin to occur when she gets older, hence insinuating a curse is with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Parallel torrent reviews

sui b (jp) wrote: Great for my kids. 5 stars

Trky B (nl) wrote: One the best horror comedy anthologies ever made. With the exception of Tim Sullivan's musical segment (Which is still pretty funny) it's a near perfect raunchy romp.

Rick B (au) wrote: I've seen better Seagal movies...

Andrew M (kr) wrote: It gets half a star because they somehow managed to get it into wide release, but I'd rather gouge out my eyes with white-hot pokers and sit on a rusted spike than watch this piece of celluloid puke again. Not even heckle-worthy.

Matthew J (br) wrote: A decent psychological thriller, due in part to McDowell's eerie narration.

Jo Ann M (mx) wrote: She thought she had all the moves but he had some of his own as well!

Grayson D (fr) wrote: A great recreation of the 70's and a rare comedy which doesn't force it's laughs. I could have done without the gibberish talk between Lyonne and Tomei (although both actresses are very good) and the rest is pretty much pitch perfect.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: Great effects. Excellent story. Very enjoyable.

Andrew W (ca) wrote: Typical Alastair Maclean sleight of hand and red herrings leaving the viewer guessing which side each character is on to the end. The film has worn reasonably well though the music soundtrack is grating and over the top.

Martin T (kr) wrote: It must be said upfront: as a conventional "movie", this is terrible. The split-screen is a gimmick, the camerawork is annoying, scenes go on way too long and there's huge sections without sound (at least on the DVD). This is not entertainment, there's no message, and there's probably not much thought put into it. Still, a thought-provoking work that gives you something to chew on... even if it is essentially just a bunch of junkies/freaks/actors/artists fucking around with a camera.

Josh R (ru) wrote: This is a film that requires patience from the viewer. It's a little bit long in its overall execution, but it has to be for the last Act to pay off as well as it does. 'Carosel' is a film full of integrity in its primary characters--something else that makes the final Act pay off too.

Yvette C (au) wrote: Wow. I've never seen so much bad acting all bunched up in the same movie before.

Liam W (gb) wrote: Just Watched: 4.5/5. A forgotten about gem.