The Party

The Party

Hrundi V. Bakshi, an accident-prone actor from India, is accidentally put the name on the guest list for an upcoming party at the home of a Hollywood film director. Unfortunately, from the moment he arrives, one thing after another goes wrong with a compounding affect.

The film concentrates on an actor Hrundi V. Bakshi who is invited to a great party with his beautiful wife. At the party, A accident occurs suddenly which leads to unexpected consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John J (ca) wrote: Oh well, this was just stupid and only proved entertaining to a complete idiot. I have to admit, the special effects were good, but please, the acting was terrible and you really can't give high marks for such bad performances by the cast of characters. This was a dud and should be avoided.

Dillinger P (ag) wrote: Starts off well before spiralling into stupidity. A missed opportunity.

Sean G (es) wrote: Early Emmerich honing his skills for classics like Independence Day and Godzilla.

Christopher L (it) wrote: Glorious '80s trash. I really enjoyed it. Robert Forster is a pleasure to watch, as usual.

Matthew O (ru) wrote: Yes, it's a remake of "The Philadelphia Story" but it shows how far Grace Kelly developed from "High Noon".

Jacob B (ca) wrote: C-'13 Sins' has enough suspense to keep your adrenaline pumping during its 3rd act, and Mark Webber gets invested into his performance as Elliot. I could say less about Devin Graye, who plays his mentally unstable brother, Michael, who comes off as a guy who is trying, but not hard enough. Another flaw I will write down is that its whole structure gets confusing at times. I still give points for its concept which feels like one of those thought-provoking, What-Would-You-Do concept which has been done before in 'Saw', and the 'Quitters Inc.' story of 'Stephen King's Cat's Eye'.

Mickey L (de) wrote: This movie is complete crap. Its a sequel mixed with prequel meaning it shifts back and forth between present time, and goes back to when Norman was a teenager, showing the progressiveness of how he became the killer he turned into. It was a boring hour and a half made for TV movie. Skip it. just stick with the first two