The Passion

The Passion

To avoid being sued, a film director reluctantly agrees to set up and direct the Good Friday celebrations in a small Tuscan town.

To avoid being sued, a film director reluctantly agrees to set up and direct the Good Friday celebrations in a small Tuscan town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken P (ag) wrote: This reminds me of "Valentine's Day" and "New Year's Eve", they all put together an outstanding cast but that is no promise the movie will deliver. The cast made it appealing which is why I and probably most people watched it. If I wasn't bored at work with nothing to do, I woulda cut it short but saw it through from lack of better things to do...totally missed the mark!

Tony L (nl) wrote: The movie was like Dazed And Confused which I believe is what they were going for. Of course, it doesnt capture the moment like that movie did. Rather this one put some super hot chicks; Amber Heard, Alexa Vega, and Leighton Meester into the mix with some "other people" and put something out there. It isnt the greatest but it does have it's funny moments. It wasn't a disaster either but it's definitely not something I would have paid money for.

Sacha C (fr) wrote: I enjoy the concept but it must have been a low budget film. The plot development is slow.

Shane D (es) wrote: Atrocious acting, offensive behavior, and a ridiculous premise combine to make a pretty enjoyable little sexploitation flick. Russ Meyer would definitely approve of the, uhh, let's say, buoyancy of the actresses.

James B (us) wrote: If you only see one Hindi film in your life, Pinjar is an excellent candidate to be that film. Urmila shines in the female lead and Manoj Bajpai may have turned in his best work to date opposite her. Poignant and by all accounts historically accurate, this is must-see cinema.

m m (es) wrote: Didn't like it that much.

Eileen H (de) wrote: This movie is really spooky and reminds me of people in my irish family. A sad poignant film.

Benjamin B (mx) wrote: Devastating little film. Has a lot of great moments and a stellar performance from David Strathairn but there are too many characters and the film looses its focus. I found the beginning very effective but after several dramatic turns, it begins to fall into melodrama rather than a believable and organic story.

Tyler P (ru) wrote: Dans la veine du premier.

Tony P (mx) wrote: This third film in the Alien franchise lacks the polish of its predecessors Alien and Aliens.Indeed it is the directorial debut of David Fischer who on reflection must see he is no Ridley Scott or James Cameron.Sigourney Weaver returns as weary Ellen Ripley whose ship crash lands on a prison planet along with an alien!The cast of Aliens die in the crash apart from Ripley. Perhaps that alone is a sign of things to come in this film.The only saving grace I could see was some of the casting including the late great Brian Glover as some kind of prison governor. Glover was in Kes and An American Warewolf In London.The Alien itself is a nasty piece of work but all in all the special effects of it are pretty mediocre and would grace a TVM.I can't believe I gave the original Alien such criticism after watching this rubbish. Hence the score!To make it worse Weaver as Ripley sports a horrendous skinhead haircut ala Nothing Compares 2 u. Everytime she appeared on screen I couldn't get that horrendous music video out of my head.I see that this production was beset with problems. It shows on screen.

Laura W (kr) wrote: My favorite movie of all time. I could watch it over and over... I mean, I have. I don't even like Ted Danson.

Ka M (ru) wrote: one of the great films that I've seen

Phani T (us) wrote: Nothing more nor nothing less than just another run-of-the-mill western. It has them all - the "hero" (heroes) here has the fastest draw known and of course so does the villain. The slight twist on that at the end is good, though.The rampant racism just can't be missed - be it ack of any other skin color except white (and some mexicans?) or the references to "Indians" for comic and horror purposes with the worst of all being a Mississippi imitating a Chinese (thin eyes, big teeth and an accent).Ok, watch.

Ana S (br) wrote: Absolute brilliance!

Jim S (br) wrote: My take on the plot is that we have a naive good person, the Giulietta of the title, surrounded by meaningless decadent choices around her meaningless existence. Saint? Wife? Whore? What will give her a satisfying existence? I don't know. Nothing, it would seem. This is a fascinating / garish / beautiful / self-indulgent piece of cinema history. I have no idea which bits are meant to be funny or not, or what the moral is, if any, or exactly how misanthropic this is. The hats are hilarious, the fashions, sets and colours extreme, and the seductive women that populate half the movie likewise fascinating - but because they are real, not cartoons or the product of plastic surgery. Dreamlike sequences and the glimpse into what cinema can do make this all very worthwhile.

Vincent G (it) wrote: Beautiful black and white cinematography, entertaining script and the memorable first 'man to bat' transformation onscreen ever, son of dracula is perhaps the best sequel of the dracula movies.

Kim B (ru) wrote: This romantic comedy was actually pretty funny. I really enjoyed both character's and thought they were a perfect match together. I liked that the girl had some spirit about her and was funny too. It was interesting to watch their love slowly develop and then of course it had lots of twists and turns at the ending. At some parts it was a little slow, but overall it was entertaining and charming.

Dion D (nl) wrote: Very, very ordinary. It tries to be the new Princess Bride but instead comes off as obnoxious and self-conscious. Nice to look at, however.

Jack P (nl) wrote: A fairly charming and clever family film. Nothing special, but entertaining and endearing.