The Passion of Darkly Noon

The Passion of Darkly Noon

Desire torments a former cultist taking refuge at the home of a scantily clad woman whose husband is away.

After the death of his strictly religious parents, forlorn young Darkly gets lost in the woods. A truck driver, Jude, rescues the exhausted man, who has only a bible for comfort. He brings ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Passion of Darkly Noon torrent reviews

Jamie J (ag) wrote: Simply one of the worst movies ever made. It would take 3 pages to list all of the things wrong with this movie.

Jared S (br) wrote: Good examination of what it means to be a screenwriter. It can be boring. It doesn't look all that sharp. What you get is a bare bones well done documentary.

Ryan A (ru) wrote: Great and important story, but not particularly captivating execution.

Aman D (gb) wrote: one of the best of mani ratnam film.cinetography,rehman's music,actor's performances, screenplay were all best

Julien B (fr) wrote: Simpliste, grotesque; mais drole, un peu. 2 1/2.

Scott S (es) wrote: A friend told me about this movie about 14 years ago and I finally saw it this past week on TCM! I was not disappointed. Its a wacky good time.

Sarjoun S (it) wrote: so all dictatorships act the same.. this could have been Lebanon under Lahoud in 2000.

Alison C (ca) wrote: same comments as the first. it went by so fast. wished 3 was availible.

M E (kr) wrote: I want to give this movie a big hug. Yes, I know I'm insane for anthropomorphizing a piece of cinema, but it's just so warm and glowy and damn perfect that it's impossible not to.

John D (gb) wrote: Oh boy, I've seen enough. Enough of this bullsh*t, I mean. Like I was already hooked up with the third one. I thought this series is getting better at least. But boy I was wrong. This is I think the weakest of the franchise. I was expecting more, with exciting execution at least. But it's just RE 2 all over again. I really don't mind the acting nor the story, but the kind of action that everybody wants. It's like I'm watching a bad heavy metal music video with slow motions everywhere. And has really some awkward moments. The pacing sucks in this film. You are going to like it by its looks I guess, with overused CGI, cause this film is made to the 3D thing and it's improvisation. Look, it's all about marketing anymore. The better looking the visuals are, the people are going to watch it. But hardcore horror / action genre fans will definitely be disappointed. Paul W.S Anderson could do it better, or maybe he will produce these films instead. 2.5/5.

Alex S (au) wrote: Underrated action gangster comedy starring Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds. It could of been better with more scenes of Clint and Burt together.