The Pentagon Wars

The Pentagon Wars

From the director of “Made In America” and “The Money Pit” comes a hilarious look at one of the most expensive blunders in military history. Over 17 years and almost as many billion dollars have gone into devising the BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle). There's only one problem. . . it doesn't work.

Story of a cover up in the military. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark T (de) wrote: Meandering and leisurely pace of the drive through his boyhood haunts was perfectly offset by the straightforward power of the music. Performing solo, along with the cinematography, really allowed the lyrics to take center stage...heard things in the older songs that hadn't really resonated before. It was great to see the old man taking a look at his life and still maintaining that sharp edged passion!

David T (de) wrote: Not so much a time waster as it is a waste of time. A clever premise and decent cinematography is completely flushed down the pooper due to a painful, unforgivingly lousy screenplay, unimaginative effects, lack of suspense, and embarrassingly bad editing. The acting is semi-decent, you could tell they tried their best to act out the mindlesss dreck they were given by a writer/director who should focus less on filmmaking, and more on a better-suited career.

Moya W (ca) wrote: Quite an interesting take on the cinderella story. If it wasn't for the title you'd probably not even realise that it's gotten inspiration from the classic disney saga. It has its similarities but it was still interesting how they'd changed quite a lot of the story and I enjoyed it. It somewhat felt like the movie didn't have a structured plot with the fact that it never really ended but it was still quite entertaining and it most certainly had a great soundtrack and it definitely shared a few laughs!

Samy A (it) wrote: Metallica tracks!! Interesting!This is one of the weirdest movies I've seen in a long time. Some humor, some Drama, some audacious metaphors. I can't describe it!

Anna B (mx) wrote: Great script, beautifully structured and and doesn't conform to a million clichs as it so easily could. The direction isn't brilliant, but it serves the story well and keeps the pace and tension up throughout. Really fun movie.

michelle s (us) wrote: Loved the plot, scenes and caters bit it left a lot to figure out

edwin a (us) wrote: Released with poor timing in the aftermath of a similar themed film - Kevin Costner's Dances with Wolves - Black Robe largely got lost in the shuffle. That's a shame, because the film is actually quite remarkable. Not to say that it hasn't had influence on other films however. Black Robe certainly must have had quite an influence on Terrence Malick and his The New World. The title credits are clearly inspired by those in Black Robe, and other aspects are familiar as well. Set in 17th century Quebec, the film follows a young Jesuit priest, Father Lafourgue (Bluteau), referred to as Black Robe by the natives. He travels with a band Algonquins lead by Chomina (Schellenberg). With Father Lafourgue is Daniel, a young Frenchman, who is in love with Chomina's daughter. The young priest soon begins to inspire fears that he is some sort of demon, and many in the band wish to leave him behind, or possibly even kill him and his companion. Their travels meet turmoil among other hostile native tribes, leading not only a struggle between peoples, but a struggle between faiths. Beresford creates a very bleak atmosphere, using the cold Quebec landscape as an intimidating, but still beautiful backdrop. The weather feels cold, the air crisp. It's really quite a beautiful film to look at. Bruce Moore, who wrote the screenplay and the novel it was based on, went to great lengths in research to accurately portray this period in time. Many have praised the film for its accuracies, while a number of others have however complained that it shows natives as savages. I have to disagree. Neither side is shown as total bad guys, nor total good guys. The film gives everyone a fair shake. Both sides have/had their reasons, and both sides committed terrible acts. Certainly, not all Natives were all about peace and love, which is not a slight to them in the least. Their history is a noble one, and they had every right to fear and be hostile in the face of Europeans. That said, I'm probably overcompensating for the film, because it really doesn't show Natives as savages at all, especially not the Algonquins. Moore claimed, in fact, that he actually toned down the violence of the Natives compared to what he found in his research. That said, what he found in his research was most likely overstated to begin with. Black Robe certainly is a bleak picture. The naturalistic photography and tone adds to the depressed atmosphere. This is not a story of joys, but of sorrows. When the film ends, we are told what history has already told us - the Natives were slaughtered and the Jesuit's mission by and large was a futile failure. Though the film sticks to its own dark history, this is more than just a very well done history lesson. Black Robe is a parable of the horrifying results that come from misunderstanding, miscommunication, and ignorance. While the Jesuit mission was well intentioned, it was more a product of Eurocentric ignorance than anything else. The Native people had their own religious beliefs, and the film shows that. The lessons in Black Robe are transferable to any number of modern day conflicts. We have not learned our lesson, and by removing the gloss and glamour off the period epics of old, Black Robe serves as a reminder. Such a shame its so overlooked.

William John G C (br) wrote: Classic British seventies film.

Thomas B (br) wrote: It's your standard rom-com with very little to like apart from Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. Full review later.

Carlos M (ru) wrote: An unfocused, unexciting and overlong movie that is more like a mixed salad of accents without any idea if it wants to be a campy adventure for the whole family in the old-fashioned style of Errol Flynn's movies (which it should be) or the violent PG-13 movie that it turns out to be.

Russell H (de) wrote: starts off kinda funny but as it goes on, it takes itself a little too seriously even though it continues with the jokes.