The People

The People


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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The People torrent reviews

Erica D (kr) wrote: Wow! What an awesome movie!!

Edgar C (mx) wrote: This story has been told more times than necessary, so the young filmmaker Ozon adds homosexuality for the sake of controversy and... attention? Regardless of the reason, that clichd intention of being thought-provoking comes quite strong this time. It may not be widely embraced by mainstream viewers, especially with the delicacy of the subject matter, and although it does not touch important life fibers and undertones, it deserves a watch. 71/100

Jacob G (ag) wrote: It's rare anymore that a film leaves me saying "What the hell did I even just watch," but Gozu succeeded.I don't even, can't even process it right now. Entertaining? Yes. Nonsensical? Almost completely. Padded with an amusing cast of characters, Gozu demands eyes on the screen. Even as it goes through some absurd and disturbing imagery.

Tim M (us) wrote: From jaw-dropping speed to hilarious situations, effects and lighting, this is one hell of a flick. Epic finale and little pretense throughout makes for one of the best mid 90's kung fu movies. Yuen Woo-Ping, Donnie Yen and Billy Chow make a mean combination. Much better than its predecessor from '93. It was a smart move to make Yen the Iron Monkey.

Criss T (ca) wrote: love to watch many times

Paul D (it) wrote: Many happy childhood memories watching this! Great Sunday movie and though a little violence/ minor gore/ PG+, with a great story line I'd advise you get your "capable" kids to watch it too!

Philip C (jp) wrote: The movie is fun and Jazzy. It was meant as the 20th anniversary film. Although considering it was for kids, it's a bit violent. Takes a while to get to the real monster scenes and most will not care about the space-opera sub theme. I should also add... this does NOT star Jack Palance... not even as a voice over actor. That is a TV guide error from years and years ago! LOL

Bunmi O (nl) wrote: one of the first movies i saw and loved. I know every scene. Love this

Keith R (ca) wrote: Some of the best sex scenes you'll ever see. A must watch.

Brian S (de) wrote: I really praise the movie for being very well made and tense, as well as being very mysterious, and I find it very clever that the film constantly shifts from past to present. It's got a real chilling atmosphere as well as solid performances from the whole cast. This is one spooky horror movie to come out in recent years. There should definitly be some sequels to it. Recommended !!