The People Under the Stairs

The People Under the Stairs

When young Fool breaks into the home of his family's greedy and uncaring landlords, he discovers a disturbing scenario where incestuous adult siblings have mutilated a number of boys and kept them imprisoned under stairs in their large, creepy house. As Fool attempts to flee before the psychopaths can catch him, he meets their daughter, Alice, who has been spared any extreme discipline by her deranged parents. Can Fool and Alice escape before it's too late?

Fool, an African-American teen, lives in the ghetto and has found out his family is going to get evicted from their run down apartment. Fool then breaks into the apartment and discovers that the couple turn out to be incestuous, serial killer siblings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aidan H (us) wrote: GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!Good movie for sports teams and everyone!

Andy G (us) wrote: How to direct most of the scenes in a Bourne movie: Simply yell out "Walk fast, with purpose!"I have a love/hate relationship with the Bourne sequels. On one hand, I love the character and franchise, but on the other hand, I think Paul Greengrass did a lot to hurt the series once he got his hands on it. The stories have never been as good as the original, and Greengrass employs absolutely horrible levels of shaky cam in these movies, completely destroying what could otherwise be really well shot scenes and action. And both of those factors are even worse in this movie. The shaky cam is present in almost every shot, even to the degree where it's difficult to even read a text on a character's phone because the camera is shaking so much. The action and fighting is just as shaky as the previous two, but is even more cut up in this one, making it even harder to follow and appreciate. It looks like there's some solid action in there, but with the crappy camera work and choppy editing, it's hard to tell.The story in this one is really barebones, and completely unnecessary. It feels like they grasped at whatever they could to give the character a reason to come back, and in doing so, failed to come up with an actually interesting story. Yeah there is some stuff happening in the background that could have had some potential, but it's mostly set aside to Bourne's own personal story, which like I said feels really barebones, so that other stuff feels like a waste. All of this being said, I still enjoyed the movie. Matt Damon is awesome as Bourne, and Tommy Lee Jones was a perfect fit for the CIA boss. Alicia Vikander was also a welcome addition, and I'd love to se more of her character in a sequel. The score, as always, is solid, and does a good job enhancing the sense of urgency, especially when coupled with the way the less busy scenes are edited together. Where the action scenes are a bit too choppy, the editing style works well in the less action packed scenes, which still feel exciting due to the fact that everybody's always moving quickly and there's always an element of suspense and excitement in the score and editing. I do hope we see more of Bourne, but I hope somebody other than Greengrass gets a hold of the project. There are some good things he brings to the series, but he loses out on a lot of what made the first movie so special. We need to bring some of that back. Perhaps we need Doug Liman and Tony Gilroy again and we can wrap the series up with a strong finale that does the original justice! Oh, and pick a better name next time. This title was an embarrassment.Personal Grade: ATechnical Score: 70%

Emmanuel S (gb) wrote: Charles Band tries to parody The Tales From The Crypt TV series, succeeding in making a decent movie and acting despite an obvious low budget.

Arsev A (ca) wrote: Interesting idea and executed fine.

Jorel D (gb) wrote: This one was recommended to me awhile back, but I never got around to it. We bought a zoo, is one of the unique dramas you can see which based on true happenings. Totally reaches out to you without any of the typical pitfalls in a true story drama. Check it out if you haven't seen it!

craig m (au) wrote: good film crazy at times and funny to boot

Deft M (us) wrote: Indepth details on the history of BBoying (Break Dancing)

Adam H (it) wrote: A very nice 'stranger comes to town and changes everyone for the better' story. Small similarities to Pixr's UP, but I think I like this one better

Paul W (au) wrote: One of the most amazing soundtracks in history, no doubt.

Paul D (gb) wrote: This was Steven Seagal's first major film, and I really didn't like it very much. The story was very boring and hard to follow, the acting was atrocious, and it was just horrible overall.

Harry W (gb) wrote: Cold Mountain is interesting because it focuses on three characters while telling a story about the civil war as well as the society that people lived in during the time period of it.Cold Mountain doesn't focus on the civil war as much as you might presume. It is largely focused on how it affects characters who are brought together in the wake of it all. Its story might not be fully consistent with interesting dynamics, but the characters are terrific because they are written to be versatile, deep and meaningful which means that they are able to carry the themes of humanity in Cold Mountain to the end of the story. It is a long film and has a lot of ground to cover while not always feeling as if it is capitalising on its potential or depicting the true epic nature of the civil war since the focus is more on people outside the war than on the war itself, but as a whole I found that I enjoyed it.Visually, Cold Mountain is absolutely beautiful. I mean it is just exceptional. Director Anthony Minghella manages to capture the lush beauty of many Romanian countrysides. It shows off the land while it brooms with green life, as well as during the snowy seasons. Everything just looks purely beautiful, and it is filmed with excellent cinematography which captures the large scale of things and emphasises all the true beauty in things. The versatile and beautiful colour In Cold Mountain is just excellent, and it gives the film a perfect visual plane to start off with, which is great because on top of that the filmmakers just get better by implementing in excellent costumes, terrific art direction and again they captured it all with magnificent cinematography. Cold Mountain managed to put its budget into the best possible places, and it made up for many of its flaws and rendered it an unforgettable experience, and with an emotionally powerful musical score it is an atmospheric treat for the eyes and the earsLike I said, I didn't find the story in Cold Mountain to be the most consistently interesting and it moved at a fairly slow pace over the course of its long 154 minute running time, but the fact is that the script found ways to keep things interesting. Cold Mountain was an ambitious film which had a big scale feeling to it, yet at heart it was a character drama and it was full of characters that were well written, deep and chock full of intelligent dialogue. Cold Mountain stays true to its source material and brings it to life, as it does with the characters, and it therefore gives the actors a lot to work with. So the spirit of director Anthony Mighella is one of the most admirable and essential assets to the success of the film, and the fact that he did not get nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director is a serious shame because his treatment of the script, his handling of the film's visual elements and the fact that he directed his cast to great success is just excellent.The cast is Cold Mountain also prove to be essential to the film's success, and they keep the humanity of the film alive from start to finish.Although Nicole Kidman is an actress I have mixed feelings about, there is no denying the strength of her performance in Cold Mountain. She has a lot of true passion for the part and has no reserves about showing it off because the role is one of the best she can play. She has a talent for playing troubled women, and in Cold Mountain she plays one with maximum dedication and does it really well. Her line delivery has a lot of energy in it because she is dedicated to proving herself to the other actors and the audiences with the endeavour of her acting skill, and she succeeds at doing it in Cold Mountain because she takes on the part of Ada Monroe with serious passion and uses her skills to create a convincing romantic chemistry with Jude Law and an effective and enjoyable friendship with Renee Zellwegger. Nicole Kidman's way of interacting with the other cast members in Cold Mountain makes it feel genuine, and it is one of her finest performances I have ever seen.Renee Zellweger proved in Bridget Jones' Diary that she has a talent for doing accents, but in Cold Mountain she really steps it up to the next level and puts all of her acting skills into the role of the strong and independent southern woman Ruby Thewes, and a simplified explanation of the result is saying that she ended up winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the role. Renee Zellweger is largely about portraying strong women, but in movies such as Chicago or Bridget Jones' Diary she ends up reliant on other characters to keep her supported. In Cold Mountain, it is her job to support someone else, Nicole Kidman's character, and she does it really well. Once viewers adjust to her screen presence, they find her stealing their attention with her emotional passion in the part and the edgy line delivery she gives to the role, and it is all solidly impressive. Renee Zellweger is just perfect in Cold Mountain, and the quality of her performance gives me an all new respect for her simply because of just how strong she is as the character. She makes the actors look even better by giving them opportunities to have complicated interactions with her, and so she is a serious treat in Cold MountainJude Law is also excellent. Although I feel that he could have used more screen time, the quality of his voice articulation is top shape and his intergration of physical emotions into his performance is powerful. He is a very sympathetic and compelling lead performance, and he plays a lot of things well such as a romantic, a war hero and a genuinely troubled man. Jude Law gives a powerful effort in Cold Mountain and really shows off the endeavour of his acting ability by gripping his role with emotional tenacity. Jude Law proves what being a great actor is all about in Cold Mountain.So although Cold Mountain doesn't have a perfect story and is a long film, the characters are written well and acted perfectly, and as a visual experience, Cold Mountain is just refreshing.

Ray B (it) wrote: This slow-burn indie was definitely worth the view. Solid performances, decent script and some minimal, but very good special effects. It lingers with you after watching in a nasty, disturbing kinda way. Recommend it especially for genre fans who are looking for something different - kinda like the main characters are, lol!

Dann M (it) wrote: The indie dark comedy Home Sweet Hell is a rather lackluster film that doesn't deliver that many laughs. When furniture salesman Don Champagne has an affair with one of his workers (who's actually a professional con-artist) she turns around and begins to blackmail him; and when he comes clean with his wife she demands that he kill her to make things right. Starring Patrick Wilson, Katherine Heigl, and Jordana Brewster, the casting is rather good; the performances however, are pretty weak. And the tone doesn't do a good job at mixing the comedy with the violence. Additionally, the characters aren't that sympathetic. Poorly made shlock, Home Sweet Hell isn't very entertaining.