The Perfect Family

The Perfect Family

Kathleen Turner stars as suburban mother and devout Catholic Eileen Cleary, who has always kept up appearances. When she runs for the Catholic Woman of the Year title at her local parish, her final test is introducing her family to the board for the seal of approval. Now she must finally face the nonconformist family she has been glossing over for years...

A devoutly Catholic wife and mother has been nominated for one of the church's top awards. She then goes about trying to prove she has the "perfect" family, refusing to accept them for who they are. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard J (gb) wrote: Good follow up on the book

Richard W (de) wrote: It was a cute movie with two big unexpected kinks in the relationship....kinda throws a wrench in the idealized relationships many of us persue.

Pablo G (ca) wrote: Plenty of moments keep it from being truly magnificent, but it packs plenty of strange and creepy moments to make it stand out from the rest of "crazy people horror" out there, as its horror is handled expertly and its pacing manages to keep the ambience mysterious and tense.

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Rancour C (gb) wrote: If you can ignore a handful of logic-defying moments this one is ok. Vincent Cassel is good in it anyway.

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