The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

Hard times and holiday tensions teach a father, Michael Harris, what Christmas is all about. When both Michael and his wife Sandra's parents come for an unannounced visit, what should be a joyous and festive holiday turns into chaos. Michael learns that of all the many gifts he gives to his family, the gift of giving oneself is the greatest gift of all.

Hard times and holiday tensions teach a father, Michael Harris (Ruben Studdard, American Idol), what Christmas is all about. When both Michael and his wife Sandra's (Golden Brooks, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gil F (ru) wrote: Great twists! Gael's British accent was tough to believe but great turns and original story made it 3 rather than 2 stars.

AnneLouise N (us) wrote: Keanu Reeves AND Vincent D'Onofrio! <3

Adrian F (jp) wrote: its a pretty amusing family film. its more believeable than a dog playing basketball. its extremely corny and does not grab your attention. the chimpanzee is what makes this movie somewhat entertaining. but its not really realistic and we have seen this type of movie plenty times before, just with different animals.

Michael S (ru) wrote: An awful mix of "Lawnmower Man" and "Nightmare on Elm Street." Not scary in the least, but has loads of unintentional laughs. Sole redeeming quality is Frank Langella as a cop.

Jeremy S (nl) wrote: boring boring boring boring boring.

clever s (us) wrote: Classic movie. This is in ny top 5.

Ian B (kr) wrote: Best mummy movie. great setting, violence and hilarious charactors. fuck france

Adam S (kr) wrote: Counter-culture confusion from BBS and first-time director Jack Nicholson. Wildly uneven, but an interesting curio of Vietnam era student rebellion.

JohnnyLee T (us) wrote: SPOILER ALERTTo make a comedy involving the possible imminent death of one of the cast is not easy but Send Me No Flowers succeeds wonderfully. In no small measure due to its three stars whose obvious rapport comes right through the screen. OK, so Doris' part becomes a bit tedious as she becomes the victim of a misunderstanding (when she sees another woman kissing Rock), but Rock's misunderstanding (after he overhears his doctor on the phone) has led him into a close friendship with neighbour Tony Randall and THAT partnership is the real comedy duo of the film. Doris is almost supplanted by Tony as Rock backs out of his marriage in order to find a new partner for her. And because Tony's wife and child are never seen, the field is left wide open for him to develop his relationship with Rock.I didn't realise Rock was such a giant until you see him beside his male co-star. And he is a delight playing comedy, as he proved in Pillow Talk. There isn't a weak member of this beautiful ensemble, though Clint Walker (who is even bigger than Rock!) doesn't get much of a look-in. It is he this time who does Rock's "trick" from Pillow Talk, unravelling himself as he emerges from a cramped sports car.Perhaps all the loose ends could have been tied up 10 minutes sooner.BTW, is this one of the first American movies to show a married couple sharing the same bed? Even though they are both fully clothed in pyjamas and there is no activity of course going on, I think Hollywood was still at this time showing couples in single beds only.What was more interesting was showing Rock and TONY sharing the same bed! I loved the gay overtones to their relationship, especially as we know Rock was gay in real life.

Justin S (es) wrote: One of the most thought provoking and disturbing films I've ever seen to this day.

Javier D (nl) wrote: Se parece a Casablanca?. Si, pero a mi no me molesta. Tiene un desenlace ms sencillo, pero los dilogos son mucho mejor. El guin (de William Faulkner) se aleja un poco de la novela de Ernest Hemingway pero hasta resulta lgico, porque, a quien le interesa Cuba, cuando se est en medio de la Seguna Guerra Mundial? Un capitn de un pequeo yate de pesca es seducido por una joven recin llegada durante la II guerra mundial a la Martinica, que lo har tomar partido.

Angelo Dean B (ca) wrote: 2.5 StarsHaven't seen the first movie but will do after this, they said its no where near the first one but I kinda like it.

Lisa V (ag) wrote: Loved it! Provides a glimpse (albeit romanticized) into what it might have been like for immigrants trying to make their way in a new land. Bravely leaving behind everything familiar for new opportunities.

Craig C (ag) wrote: In Summer 1984, critics trashed this film for poor acting and wafer thin script.. completely missing the point. The band rivalries and domestic violence are sidebars to the music, which carries the picture. 30 years on, one can easily see why this lifted Eric Clapton out of depression and inspired Springsteen. Purple Rain was a star-making vehicle for Prince, and when judged as a musician's film, it's flawless.