The Perfect House

The Perfect House

Three unique horror stories connected by a bookend story tells of the horrifying past a young couples potential dream house has endured.

A young couple's dream home turns into a house of horrors when the disturbing, violent acts of three generations of doomed families is reawakened for them to witness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suncica M (de) wrote: Excellent film! But to me it wasn't more than that... so not going into my favorites...

Ilsa W (us) wrote: A terribly schmaltzy, corny, poorly acted movie. But Roger Moore was amusing and it did have its moments.... I even shed a slight tear at one point. Damn you Christmas!!

Eric E (ag) wrote: A flattering portrayal of a woman who was historically "less than flattering" (homophobic, anti-Semitic, nazi-collaborator, union breaker, harlotry). While her contributions to 20th century fashion are undeniable, the film stops with her first fashion show- COMPLETELY "forgetting" to even mention the next 4 decades of her life. Presumably because the main star of this movie is now the spokesperson for the Chanel Corporation... and the REAL Coco would be a very hard sell to any consumer even remotely familiar with her viewpoints and treatment of others. Too bad, could have been a very revealing biopic, but instead turns out to be a well acted- but ultimately glossy French infomercial.

Jessica G (de) wrote: You wanna see some BOOBIEZ?Watch this movie.Again, the cover probably had a larger budget than the whole movie.

Alaina Z (br) wrote: One of the best (i.e. most authentic) mid-19th century costume movies I've ever seen.

Nate T (nl) wrote: Well written and well acted simple story of friendship between teen girls may be more of a fantasy than anything else but it sure is a good one. Ricci and Chlumsky are in top form as usual. A sleeper hit if there ever was one. Brilliantly novelized (novella-ized?) by Lisa Rojany from the screenplay by Barry Glasser.

Lisa R (it) wrote: This movie was utter trash and dreadful. After 48 minutes I just turned it off and put it back in the box and will forget about it. zero stars.

Jason H (es) wrote: I was truly suprised by this film. With a title and concept like this I didn't expect much. This was a very different movie from other genre films of the time. It was very story and character driven with little attention put into scares and effects. The dramatic elements of the film are what helps it really stand out as well as the performances. With that is still a B movie and at times you can see that. As a whole this is very effective movie regardless of genre.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Columbus Circle est un tout petit film ralis par George Gallo et crit par Kevin Pollak, un thriller bourr de twists, surtout dans la dernire demi-heure, avec des acteurs contre-emploi (Giovanni Ribisi y est sain d'esprit, Jason Lee diabolique et Samm Levine responsable) et un sens du rythme particulirement bon. Selma Blair est parfaite en riche hritire agoraphobe et possde une belle alchimie avec la trop rare Amy Smart. Columbus Circle n'a aucune prtention, aucune relle autre ambition que de divertir son spectateur et il le fait bien.

Charles H (it) wrote: Settling into my theatre chair during the spring of 2007, I eagerly awaited the start of the Rodriguez / Tarantino "Grindhouse" double-feature. I can recall the lights going down, some cheesy retro music playing, and a "Coming Attractions" announcement leading into a hilarious fake trailer for a movie called "Machete." Well, we didn't have to wait long for the trailer to expand into an actual full-length feature. I was anxious to see the result -- admittedly, that is how I feel anytime the names of Rodriguez or Tarantino are attached to a movie. Now for my impressions of this blood-and-guts exploitation parody romp. This movie evidences yet again why there can be too much of a good thing. The three-minute trailer was excellent, but it is quite a bit more challenging to develop that into a full-length story of like quality, even for an accomplished director. There were expectedly ridiculous moments that made me laugh out loud, but the laughs were not elicited as often as I anticipated, and this is one loooong movie; in fact, the movie probably could have benefited from being cut by about 20 minutes. The positives mainly stem from the casting choices. Michelle Rodriguez's role had the potential to become the movie's most interesting character, but unfortunately she was not featured enough. Seagal and Lohan are good enough sports to allow Rodriguez to poke fun at their reputations. Jeff Fahey and Cheech Marin align their performances perfectly with their director's vision, essentially stealing every scene they appear in, as they have in the past when working with Rodriguez. Mostly, though, I felt like I had already seen the best clips, dating back to the first time I saw the mock trailer. In fact, it is unmistakable that Rodriguez used the exact footage from that trailer in this movie, editing those shots into, and between, longer scenes. Much of the remaining movie mimicked moments found in other Rodriguez films, such as "Desperado" and "Planet Terror," which is fine -- those are far better movies than "Machete" -- if but a tad lazy for a writer / director who in the past has proven his imagination does not shrink away so easily. I remain a Rodriguez fan and I enjoy the light-hearted approach he brings to his wildly action-oriented extravaganzas, populated with a disparate cast of actors and actresses. "Desperado," "From Dusk Till Dawn," and "Planet Terror" are movies I have re-watched several times and still I find them to be highly entertaining. Having seen "Machete" only once, I am left with a feeling that my initial viewing is enough.

Lee H (ag) wrote: The later you watch this movie, the more you will laugh.