The Perfect Score

The Perfect Score

Six high school seniors decide to break into the Princeton Testing Center so they can steal the answers to their upcoming SAT tests and all get perfect scores.

The film focuses on a group of six high school students whose futures will be jeopardized if they fail the upcoming SAT exam. They break into a SAT testing center to steal the answers in hope of acing their exam. But they learn a more important lesson than ones they are taught in school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lars P (kr) wrote: El Gringo is El Crapo - Total fucking waste of time. I switched off to watch paint dry. So much better!

Arsala P (au) wrote: Excellent!! Mesmerizing...! <3

Reno R (fr) wrote: cool movie .. i like the way they executed .. even the story so so ..

Hank M (br) wrote: not the most well-directed thing, but a really interesting story. especially if you like art.

Bill C (jp) wrote: Its all about Money and Sex around art dealing... and really more about the sex. You really learn nothing about any of the characters and watch the rotating paring and coupling.

Mark G (br) wrote: Well played, Louis CK does a great job. A favorite moment is when Trumbo gives his very young daughter the "test", and when his grilling exposes her as one who is kind and willing to share, he lovingly calls her "You little Commie!"

Michele G (nl) wrote: wasn't my favorite Brendan Fraser movie.

Laura R (gb) wrote: I grew up on this! Witty musical based on Charles Perrault's fairy tale. Especially love the fairy godmother's arrival in a helicopter. Mais de grace, ecoutez, j'ai tout maniganc...

Chuck C (fr) wrote: not really a horror movie.

Joanna B (fr) wrote: With natural comedic timing, an immensely likeable presence and a questioningly mischievous smile ever present on her butter-wouldn't-melt face, Cameron Diaz is rapidly becoming a comedic force to be reckoned with. Her only issue however is the vapidly dreadful characters and tediously unimaginative projects she chooses to accept.Seemingly an intriguing concept about a misanthropic teacher hell bent on finding easy street and purchasing property with her looks, Bad Teacher attempts to fall into the same facetiously satirical style as director Terry Swigoff's 2003 Bad Santa; but sadly collapses before the finish line. Although both films are crude black comedies about raging anti-heroes who enjoy abusing their positions of authority and lack any redeeming qualities. Bad Santa with its iconic figure of a drunken, fornicating and cursing madman (played by Hollywood bad-boy Billy Bob Thronton) whilst outrageously offensive was balanced, snappy grounded and somewhat believable. Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a hard-partying, foul-mouthed and ruthless bad-apple of an educator. Preoccupied with potation, profanity and pot, she simply treads water until her real dream of being a trophy wife and marrying her meal ticket pays off. However, when gold-digging Liz is unceremoniously dumped by her sugar-daddy fianc after refusing to sign the obligatory pre-nup, the money-conciseness social-climbing leech is forced to continue in her menial bogus day job as a junior high teacher indefinitely. An occupation she has no talent for and no interest in; Liz must put a new plan into action and woo the rich, handsome and model-substitute Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), heir to the illustrious Delacorte clock empire as a new potential meal-ticket. However, Liz is not the only one interested in Scott. Competing for his affections is the nicer, softer and positively-perky fellow teacher Amy Squirre; (Lucy Punch). Dedicated to her job and pedantic about good behaviour, Amy is every bit as ambitious to advance on Scott but is far more subtle and cunning about it. Convinced she is only an 8 1/2 and determined she must be a knock-out 10 to land him, Liz deviously decides to outshine her competition by getting a bob-job, but in order to do so she must raise $10,000. Resorting to pilfering from school funds, blackmailing an administrator and steeling standardised test, can Liz find a way to snag Scott? Or will a sweaty someone in the wings get her attention first?Fighting off the bantering advances of the dangerously decent, likeable and flat broke PE instructor Russell (Jason Segal), Liz must figure out if the lifestyle she has always strived to get accustomed too is actually what she really wants. Loosing traction past the point of a Saturday Night Live skit, Diaz's morally bankrupt transgressions of an overly superficial high-heel clad cad is vague and seemingly floating on autopilot. The rhythm in which her wild and outrageous schemes unfold is disjointed with gapping holes in its limited storyline. The supporting teacher cast is passable, Timberlake is pleasant but underwhelming, Jillian Armenante (as veteran teacher Ms Pavicic) is a sweet, John Michael Higgins (Principal Snur) is appropriately awkward but Segel is the strong standout scene-stealer. The major element missing is a noticeable student. There are no vindictive "blackmailer" students, no "devils" in training and no-one with a crush on the "sexpot" teacher; it is impossible to identify with any of them as the casting and characterisations lack imagination.The Verdict: As the tagline states, "Some teachers just don't give an f" and sadly after leaving the cinema either will you about this film. The tediously mediocre script designed for cheap laughs has an extremely lenient M rating but a curiously inconsequential impact.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 22/07/2011

Sun K (au) wrote: Saw this was available on FIOS On Demand so we gave it a try. The movie is about Mary (Laura Breckenridge), a college student, that has a bit too much to drink one night and ends up swirving off the road to avoid a tire and finds out after getting home that she has impaled a man on the bumper of her Jeep. Mary now has a decision to make...does she call the police and come clean or does she hide what she did. Well, you can probably guess what she does...she buries the man in the woods and leaves him for dead. Mary comes clean to her boyfriend Rick (Christopher Shand) about what she did and convinces him to meet her where she buried the man to help clean up the evidence a bit more. I won't ruin any more of the movie for you except to tell you that the man she hit wasn't all of the way dead. The film starts off well, with the camera positioned on a drink tray as drinks are delivered to Mary and her friends as they have one too many. I like this opening "style" but filmmakers continued to use it over and over in the movie...mounted on the top of Mary's Jeep, on the back of Rick's Mustang. I also liked the single split screen shot of Mary on the phone with Rick. I didn't understand the need to have the camera become a pin hole on Mary and her keys, that was kind of odd. The effects were just sort of OK...typical for a B horror movie. You could see that the scenes of vehicles on the road were shot at the same location over and over...same set of trees, sort of like a Flintstones cartoon. From a blood and gore perspective, I think that they could have gone way over the top if they wanted to but they kept it to a minimum (in my opinion) except with the golf club scene where she ends up covered. Oh, and the film makers should be fined to too much use of fake fog. The story line was pretty typical of this type of a movie and was predictable but keeping in mind what you are watching, it wasn't too bad. I thought that both Laura Breckenridge and Christopher Shand did an OK job with their roles, only overacting a little bit. HOT GIRL ALERT - Laura Breckenridge certainly is deserving of a mention her. Very attractive young lady that wears a very tight shirt thru much of the movie...but I do have to say that she had some VERY hairy arms (my wife actually pointed it out). You would think that they would take care of that for her. Oh well... So..overall, 5 out of 10. Nothing super orginal but not a bad way to spend some time if you are in the mood for a B movie horror film. Enjoy!

Alex V (ca) wrote: Yeah no. Good effects but a piece of burnt toast is more terrifying, not to mention said toast probably leaves much more of a lasting impression.