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The performance


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Janayah S (ca) wrote: It look like a fun movie

Carlos M (mx) wrote: A charming, provocative and, above all, mature coming-of-age drama with a simple yet morally complex story that never gives in to easy solutions - and, while the cast is wonderful, it is Carey Mulligan who definitely shines in a remarkable performance.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Great movie. Aside from some clichd dialogue and occasionally questionable visual effects, this is a beautifully shot, fast-paced and solidly performed film, joining the upper ranks of the best natural monster movies.

Brandon O (gb) wrote: /10Acting - 8.5Writing - 8.5Dialogue - 9Plot & Characterization - 8.5Cinematography & Editing - 9Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 8.5How much I enjoyed it personally - 8.5

skylar d (ca) wrote: I love this movie cause it is scary??????????????

Rainer K (us) wrote: Johnny Depp in an early "Johnny Depp role" when this term not yet existed alone makes Arizona Dream worth watching. It's about a bunch of daydreamers and naive characters and like a daydream it feels... I can't think of anyone who's crazy anything to write something like that but as it seems - there has to be someone who packs together symbols without any meaning (at least without one I get) including flying fishes, pink suits, planes and turtles. It ends in a string of final scenes that would all serve pretty well as an ending but never do - it just goes on and on... Seltsam.

Erin C (ru) wrote: Creepy, but it could've been better. It is scary to think about how quickly this effected everyone, seeing as how we are so connected all the time these days.

Jordan K (jp) wrote: John Hughes is a great director but he really has his hits and misses and quite honestly he has more misses than hits. His directorial debut Sixteen Candles, is often looked at as an underrated classic but stuck with me as boring, cliched, and uninteresting. It's nothing but bland.A teenager named Samantha celebrates her sixteenth birthday as she feels completely ignored by everyone - her own family, the man of her dreams, Jake, and being hounded by a perverted dork known as Farmer Ted. Samantha tries to let Jake know she likes him but the odds of it happening are slim.Sixteen Candles is widely regarded as one of John Hughes' best films, besides Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller, but I found it to be one of his most disappointing. It's hard to really enjoy Sixteen Candles unless you're of a certain crowd - it's particularly girly in nature compared to that of The Breakfast Club that targets all audiences and mastered it. Sixteen Candles is cliched and bland, and the plot is basically just a day in a girl's life. There's nothing special about Sixteen Candles but it tries to add zany extra scenarios to make up for all of it - Farmer Ted's antics, Samantha's visiting set of grandparents, and a partying Chinese exchange student - it tries but resonated to me as too much. Sixteen Candles just doesn't establish itself enough as a movie and more as a diary entry. To sum it up, it tries at many things but fails because it just doesn't have it in its plot to be an iconic quotable comedy. You really have to like the main character of Samantha to like a wide majority of the film and she is frankly bland as any character in the film. Maybe it's that I knew nothing about the plot of Sixteen Candles walking into it but it was disappointing compared to my liking of several other John Hughes classics. I guess some like it and others don't - if you're a diehard Hughes fan, watch his first tale of mediocracy and see how it develops into cinematic decade definers eventually.

Cynthia S (nl) wrote: Ok made for tv style movie. I wish that Matthew Modine's career had gone better than this. Seems to me that when they "find" God, they find no memorable acting parts to go along with it. Such a shame..

Brian G (mx) wrote: Loved it! pure artistry

John L (nl) wrote: I saw this film and this was the best horror movie in the world of all time

Tim S (br) wrote: Firewalker is one of the more fascinating Chuck Norris movies that got made, mainly because they asked him to act dramatically, which was a bad idea. Then they threw in Louis Gossett Jr. and the awful Melody Anderson and made it worse. To be fair, this isn't a movie that you can really fall into and get lost with. Movies like Romancing the Stone and Raiders of the Lost Ark had already hit this genre over the head and done it well. This one just feels like a bastard baby result from that. It's what you would expect: the two guys go with the girl to find the gold in the jungle, and Chuck Norris and Melody Anderson have eyes for each other. It's pretty standard fare. It does have patented, slow motion, Chuck Norris butt-kicking scenes, as well as a strange appearance by Ian Abercrombie. This is not a completely horrible movie, but it feels tired and useless overall.

Francois N (ru) wrote: The best film in the world, the editing , sound, the cinematography, the acting the sound track its all just brilliance and truly masterpiece in every aspect of great film making. Something very eye opening.

Veronica G (us) wrote: Amazing and powerful (warning: very graphic & disturbing)