The Perils of Pauline

The Perils of Pauline

Funloving Pearl White, working in a garment sweatshop, gets her big chance when she "opens" for a delayed Shakespeare play...with a comic vaudeville performance. Her brief stage career leads her into those "horrible" moving pictures, where she comes to love the chaotic world of silent movies, becoming queen of the serials. But the consequences of movie stardom may be more than her leading man can take

The real life story of actress Pearl White during her rise to fame in silent serials. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (kr) wrote: The Crush meets Cruel Intentions after a bath of American Psycho.

Jessie V (it) wrote: If you haven't decided to do anything by 8:00pm on a Saturday...just give in, watch Ice will motivate you to write a script for a low-budget movie with bad dialogue for the Sci-Fi channel.

Asma M (es) wrote: I saw it twice and maybe a year later i'll see it again. seriously worth it.

Starr W (jp) wrote: been wanting to watch it

Jacob A (kr) wrote: Ah yes, I remember this one. This is a worth watch for those who love vampires. This takes on a sort of sci-fi, post apocolyse feel that introduces the classical monster to a new realm. This animated feature really makes you feel the derelict tone of this world. The hunter himself D isn't all that interesting, due to his mission, but it's not himself that makes the story interesting, but it's his interactions. People racially profile him for being half vampire and shun him for it. Even though his intentions are for human sakes. Definatly worth a watch

DanetteDani A (ru) wrote: I felt as if I was in the movie myself. Lucy seemed fine with a few doubts but her bf worried me. Young couples having children are just not ready and it seems they always change their minds and the adopted parents get hurt the worst when they change their minds. Sometimes it's the money but usually it's after the birth. Had me in tears. Great acting by all.

Senor C (br) wrote: I love expoloitation flix but I have very little tolerance for on screen animal killings. It gets viewing down to its most primal but I think it's a load of shit. Lenzi even gives of a disclaimer @ the beginning of Man From Deep River that these represent primal tribes but it's cheap entertainment. For that this loses merit which is too bad because what remains isn't too bad; it just goes to the animal butchery well far too often. Kidnapped by a savage tribe Ivan Rassimov must endure until he gains acceptence. In the process he has romantic interest in Me Me Lai who is quite the beauty to behold. Her nakedness is much appreciated. I could watch her run naked through the jungle for hours. For that alone it's worth checking out...maybe if there was an animal friendly verison like Cannibal Holocaust.

Adam F (mx) wrote: "Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster" has a few charming moments, but it's a big step down from the previous film in the series and if you're watching the English dub, it gets downright irritating at times. The beginning of the movie sounds like a bad joke: After his brother Yata (Toru Ibuki) is lost at sea, Ryota (Toru Watanabe) learns from a medium that he is still alive and that he needs to take it upon himself to rescue him. While searching for a boat, he runs into two men that were trying to win a yatch through an endurance-test dance competition but lost. Nita (Hideo Sunazuka) and Ichino (Choutarou Tougin) pose as boat salesmen and break into a parked yatch to show Ryota around. Inside the boat, they find Yoshimura (Akira Takarada), a man with a gun who claims to own the ship, but instead of kicking them off, allows them to stay overnight (could he be connected to that radio news segment they overheard him listening to about the bank robbery? He is carrying an awfully big suitcase and a gun...) When Nita, Ichino and Yoshimura wake up the next day, Ryota has set sail and the three other men are forced to go on a trip searching for Yata because none of them know how to sail. So where is Yata? Well he is residing on Infant Island, home of Mothra. They only find this out when they wash ashore on another island, guarded by the giant lobster Ebirah. It gets crazier from there. The island is inhabited by a terrorist organization called the Red Bamboo, who have been kidnapping people from Infant Island and using them as slaves in their manufacturing plant to create nuclear weapons and a liquid that will keep Ebirah away from their ships. The four men are joined by a native girl who has managed to escape the Red Bamboo guards, Dayo (Kumi Mizuno, who you will remember from several other Godzilla movies, including "Godzilla vs. Monster Zero"). They discover Godzilla, awaken him and the big guy goes stomping about, ready to fend off Ebirah and distract the Red Bamboo while the enslaved people can make a daring escape.What a crazy story. Pretty much everything in this movie just comes out of nowhere. Godzilla is found underground, on the island that Ebirah is guarding. How did he find himself inside that mountain and how long was he in there? Never explained. Where did Ebirah come from, what's his origin story? Never explained. There's another monster, a giant condor that also comes out of nowhere, attacks Godzilla and disappears, never to be mentioned of seen ever again. After a while, the lack of explanations kind of becomes the charm of this movie because it just comes and goes as it pleases. From a monster standpoint, this movie actually ranks pretty high. We've got 4 monsters (if you include the Condor and Mothra) and a nice variety in them too. Ebirah is a giant crustacean, a nice difference from the usual reptilian opponents that Godzilla gets and we see some nice underwater action this time around. Because Ebirah is confined to the water, we get the Giant Condor (who I've sometimes seen credited as "Ookondoru") to bother him on land and a few scenes of Godzilla fighting the Red Bamboo's army of private jets. There's a lot more rocks being thrown than building beings toppled over, which is a shame and the Godzilla costume is looking a little shabby, but the battles with Ebirah are pretty satisfying. I want to give a special shout-out to Ookondorui because I love this shabby-looking giant bird. Why is that? Because with all the shots of Ebirah's massive pincers ("claws") frightening humans and this goofy-looking creature flying circles around Godzilla, furiously pecking at him with little effect, this is probably the closest we're ever going to get to "Godzilla vs. The Giant Claw". If you haven't seen that movie, it's easily one of the worst-looking Kaijus out there, but that's getting off topic. Where the movie really suffers is whenever the monsters are not on-screen because his human story is dull, dull, dull. There are way too many humans first of all. Nita and Ichino provide nothing to the plot, are dubbed to be incredibly irritating and take away time from the other more interesting characters. Even Ryota, who is the driving force behind the movie is dull compared to Yoshimura, who is (you might have guessed this) a criminal safe-cracker on the run from the law. Ryota and Yata's story is just way too convoluted and confusing anyway, it's just an excuse to tie together a bunch of monster fight scenes and they cannot wake Godzilla fast enough this time around. More interesting are the villains, but these guys are a total joke. So first of all, these are the terrorists with the absolute worst luck in the world. They find an island to build their secret base upon but who's that swimming around the island? A Giant lobster! Keep in mind, there is nothing to indicate that these guys are responsible for the creation of Ebirah and they do not control him so you can imagine these guys lost tons of men and equipment to this Kaiju. Next, the island is also populated by a giant condor. Ok the first monster they were able to use as a pretty effective way to drive off authorities, but this second one? Who knows what kind of damage it can cause. Maybe that's why they had to go get slaves from another island, to boost up their work force after half the employees were eaten or quit. What island do they choose to get their slave labor from? The one island that is guarded with a giant moth god! If the events of this movie hadn't kicked in when they did, I'm sure it was only a matter of time before Mothra came around and totally wrecked their base. Even worse, it turns out the island they're operating on is harboring a sleeping Godzilla and that kidnapping people from Infant Island is a double faux-pas because these four random people looking for someone on Infant Island end up breaking into their base and totally screwing up their operation. A bunch of terrorists already seemed like chump change compared to the aliens bent on universal domination in the previous film, but these guys downright suck!If you're a hardcore fan of Godzilla, this one might be fun to check out, if only because it's just such a crazy plot you can have fun riffing on it and genuinely enjoying the parts with Godzilla, Mothra, Ebirah and the other traditional Kaiju stuff but I beg of you, watch the original Japanese version, not the English Dub. I cannot stress how irritating some of the dubbing is (nearly as much as that device Testuo invented). Even in the original language, it will be difficult to ignore the bad day for night shot, the weird sets, the weak amount of destruction and the downright dumb story. I have to say I really enjoyed the funky music used in the film, that was a lot of fun but this is a movie that is only for die hard Godzilla fans. Not only for diehard Kaiju fans, for the even smaller demographic that is people who have to marathon all of the Toho creations every X days. "Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster" is a bad movie that isn't without its charms, but it's still a bad movie. (English Dub on Dvd, April 9, 2014)

Spencer B (nl) wrote: I love this film. You understand all of the characters motivation & empathize with those on all sides of the story.

Dale R (br) wrote: Not bad : another 'tour de force' from Robin Williams, but not a lot else in it.

Courtney K (gb) wrote: this scared the shiitake sauce out of me; i didn't sleep a wink.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Looks like it could be a good movie, will keep my eyes peeled.

Irvin C (nl) wrote: I made the mistake of not getting the subtitles for the copy I got. I didn't understand almost half the dialogue. But even then, I was still swept up by this heartbreaking story of a working class, often bullied teenage boy who finds solace and happiness in falconry with his pet kestrel. I've seen a couple of his later works but I found him to be just a smidgen preachy with his works but this one, though it depicts the British working class, has a very lyrical quality to it. It also features a VERY impressive performance by the lead actor, David Bradley (another David Bradley).