The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema offers an introduction into some of Žižek's most exciting ideas on fantasy, reality, sexuality, subjectivity, desire, materiality and cinematic form. Whether he is untangling the famously baffling films of David Lynch, or overturning everything you thought you knew about Hitchcock, Žižek illuminates the screen with his passion, intellect, and unfailing sense of humour.

THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO CINEMA takes the viewer on an exhilarating ride through some of the greatest movies ever made. Serving as presenter and guide is the charismatic Slavoj Zizek, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicolas K (de) wrote: Have not seen any of the previous film of Lenny Abrahamson, or seen Jack Reynor acting before, but having watched 'What Richard Did' I will be looking out for the follow up work of both of them. From the wonderful character description and built up, to the gut wrenching second part of the film, this is a gripping study of a young man's moral code which is challenged on the face of adversity.

Eric A (nl) wrote: It's everything you would expect: Clint Eastwood is old, Amy Adams is cute, Justin Timberlake is charming, the script is awful, the direction hilariously uneven, and a bunch of old dudes whine about computers and technology and "stats." Unfortunately, the viewing experience is not of the so-bad-it's-good variety, the sort of variety which includes Blue Chips and Draft Day?it's just really, really bad.

Helena K (ca) wrote: It had potential??that cast!??but it completely disregarded it.

Andrew S (us) wrote: He is hilarious. He talks a lot about food in this one though. He knows he does. It's great though, really. You should watch it.

Gem S (es) wrote: I loved this movie. It was beautiful, it had a beautiful story line. The love interest was compelling. And the ending. Oh, the ending! I loved it. I did not expect it at all, and it was beautiful, just everything about this movie was beautiful. The only thing I didn't like about it, was the sex scene. It just kind of took away from the movie a bit, and while it didn't damage the movie that much, it does bring it down from my personal five star rating.

Brooke S (fr) wrote: OMG this is soooo funny

Larry W (ag) wrote: A.. lighthearted thriller?? Well, give'em credit for originality.

bill s (kr) wrote: Hopkins and Yelchin shine in this adaptation of a King short story....not the best of Kings adaptations but entertaining.

Tasos L (de) wrote: An unterrated diamond from the Master.. RESPECT ! !

Tommy H (mx) wrote: It's good for a laugh.

Camille L (mx) wrote: Mme si Shocker prend une trs longue demi-heure pour mettre son intrigue en branle, le film reste une trs sympathique comdie horrifique grce des acteurs excellents, Sam Scarber et Mitch Pileggi en tte, une bande-son glam rock qui renforce le ct dsuet d'un film bien ancr dans la fin des 80's. Wes Craven russit d'ailleurs particulirement bien sa dernire demi-heure extrmement spectaculaire, drle et passionnante, renvoyant aux grandes heures de la saga Nightmare on Elm Street. La critique de l'omniprsence de la tlvision dans les foyers amricain ne prend pas rellement, mais a n'empche pas le film d'tre apprciable et divertissant.

phil b (ca) wrote: The darker side of Clint.

Lisa S (ca) wrote: What a fantastic movie! I loved it. This is a kid's action movie, but adults can enjoy it too because it isn't silly or fluffy like movies today, it's actually really exciting and suspenseful. I highly recommend this movie, it's one of the best kids movies of the decade.

Ainur E (br) wrote: Yay, a Soviet silent movie with a Mongolian hero! If you can deal with the propagandistic premise - naive nomad is mistaken for the heir of Genghs Khan, is tempted by evil Western colonialists, and finally turns into a revolutionary hero - this is an enjoyable silent with lots of visual tidbits and cliches turned upside down.

Alexander Z (ca) wrote: An action cliche. If you like 80s action, you really can't go wrong with this.

Coleman M (de) wrote: This underrated film is intense, intriguing, and although has a few bumps on the way is still a very enjoyable movie. And who can turn down Morgan Freeman?

Kristina K (it) wrote: You can't call Peter Jackson reasonable... He is a true master or adaptation and fucking tremendous director!

David S (gb) wrote: Emma Roberts said it perfectly in the movie: "Is this some kind of joke?" We're the Millers was near-impossible to watch. It SUCKED. Couldn't stand the characters, mostly Sudeikis. A couple laughs here and there, but mostly just waiting for it to end. Nothing remotely endearing about this one.

Deb S (es) wrote: Sooooooooooo funny! Gotta love it! Meg Ryan at her best!