The Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

Follows a young med student's relationships with two women: a dangerous affair with a childhood friend and his mother's struggle to rebuild their estranged relationship.

Follows a young med student's relationships with two women: a dangerous affair with a childhood friend and his mother's struggle to rebuild their estranged relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron R (jp) wrote: A pretty entertaining movie on the whole. The main weakness is it cannot seem to decide if it wants to be a "Grindhouse" type homage film, or a clever crime movie. In the end it ends up with pretty poor dialogue, one dimensional characters, and a fairly obvious twist. However, the concept is entertaining and fairly well executed, and the performances of Tony Todd and Mark Hamill are great.

jana (ca) wrote: martial arts master HO- Sung Pak . mop movie,

Anaideia E (nl) wrote: A psychologic movie that marks you forever

Robbie T (ru) wrote: A promising debut project from a new filmmaker. Though slow paced but beautifully filmed and very poetic.

Harold S (it) wrote: It was OK expected much more.

Harry W (ru) wrote: I wanted see Thirteen for Holly Hunter's performance and because of the fact that it was said to have dealt with the most dark elements of being a teenager.Thirteen never descends into melodramatic territory because it doesn't overdramatise its elements or make the drama of the scenes seem lesser than they really should. Since the story is pretty basic, it knows to make the drama hard hitting and intense, and thanks to the skilful direction of Catherine Hardwicke it constantly strikes the atmosphere it is aiming at. Her direction is both intense and stylish, and it perfectly fits into much fo the appropriate scenes that the film experiences. And it combines fiercely well with her screenplay which is full of natural and realistic teenage dialect thanks in part to her consulting Nikki Reed to have the view of an actual teenage put into the language. The screenplay never really has a problem and it works its strength in some really intense moments, so it's an effective one.The style of Thirteen mimics the style of an MTV reality show or music video which largely was the one of the popular lifestyles for teenagers at the time the film was created in 2003, even if it was beginning to fade. And in that sense it works as a commentary on how the lives of the youth is too influenced by the material world and how everything importance is about style and not substance. And through that it has its main characters experiencing the more perilous thrills of being a teenager which is a more realistic depiction of teenagers than many other films of the age did, especially since Thirteen takes elements that many teen comedies use and puts them more appropriately and effectively in a more dramatic context. The soundtrack is also great.Thirteen even works as an in-depth study of the development of a teenage girl because of how the movie depicts its main character Tracy Freeland gradually shutting her mother Melanie Freeland out and letting Evie Zamora in, therefore essentially finding a replacement for companionship. It proves to be rather insightful in that manner, so it's a rather intelligent film which has a lot of realism at its roots.The entertainment value in the story seemed to be inconsistent to me, because after some of the drama sets in the story becomes somewhat predictable from there and repetitive in parts without introducing much new drama in the story. Plus, since I'm not a person usually entertained by the antics of teenage girls I found that Thirteen wasn't always as fresh as it could have been. Parents or girls who follow the same kind of lifestyle may enjoy learning from it, but I knew it all already and wasn't too entertained by watching a lot of complaining and gossiping girls kiss and drink a lot. It felt like it dragged on for a while, and even though it is a truly realistic depiction of the world it just wasn't too effective in entertaining me unfortunately, and many of the elements that others found terrifying or shocking weren't new to me. Eventually, the effect of Thirteen wore off and I found that I was left with a rather indifferently paced and even somewhat long drama film, even though it only ran for 99 minutes. And the effect of the drama had worn off by then. It seems like the film forgot that the viewers may not experience the same dramatic impact of the events that the characters did, and so it ends up as a semi-effective drama that features some strong scenes but is rather rudimentary as a whole.Luckily, the main cast never let the story down and keep the dramatics working.Evan Rachel Wood gives a terrific lead performance in Thirteen. She perfectly embodies the stereotypical dangerous and stylish teenage girl who experiences all the dramatic aspects of attempting to fit in with the more popular crowd and establish herself as independent from the family she grows to loathe. As the story goes on she constantly does a powerful and feisty job of characterising Tracy Freeland by using all of her power as a young actress, and in doing so she makes it easy to take her seriously as an actress and not simply see her as a teenage star who has had one chance in the spotlight before having to move along. Thirteen largely benefits from her powerful lead performance.And Holly Hunter gives an impeccable supporting effort. Through the same kind of power that Evan Rachel Wood uses in the lead role, Holly Hunter gives an intense supporting performance which chronicles the mean experience that a mother must face as her daughter goes on a path of self-destruction because it's what the rest of the world wants of her. Through her fierce talent to react to the other actors she creates an intense chemistry with many actors, and she builds a really tenacious character to make an impact on the story. Holly Hunter is excellent in her supporting role in Thirteen, and it's refreshing to see her working so vibrantly with contemporary material.Nikki Reed manages to nail the role of Evie Zamora so easily because the the character is one that she has written for herself essentially. By tuning the script with her own knowledge of the people in the world around her that are her age and follow the lifestyle depicted in the film, she brings the character straight out and never skips a heartbeat with the line delivery and voice articulation she supplies to the film. Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood also share a fine chemistry which embodies the shallow friendship that many teenagers would call "sisterhood" in today's age but later sacrifice over a minor dispute, so it benefits from the realism of the situation.So Thirteen is an occasionally effective drama film. There is a bit of waiting around, but it's hard to forget the dramatic impact of its more intense moments or the efforts of the actors.

Juan J (fr) wrote: Far away the worst movie ever!!!!!!!

Jonathan W (de) wrote: This movie was very predictable and the action wasnt much to see. The plot and acting was at a low level so several times it just felt riddiculous. There wasnt anything new or smart ideas here. Everything was very simple!!

Johnny T (nl) wrote: Welcome to the Dollhouse does, with accessible dark comedy and chilling honesty, reminding us right off that school-cafeteria agonies only begin with the cuisine. Solondz knows his subject well, he is able to understand and convey what it is like to be brought up with self-hatred. With his ability to understand and convey these absurdist scenarios in both adult and preteen terms, writer-director Solondz catches the unlooked-for humor in poignant, hurtful situations. With a fine vengeance along with flashes of great, unexpected tenderness, Mr. Solondz lethally evokes every petty humiliation that his seventh-grade heroine can't wait to forget. As Dawn, Matarazzo isn't afraid to evoke the horrors of puberty with a straightforward charmlessness: She's gawky, unhappy, and confused, while her tingling of sexual desire downright gives you the shivers. The movie grows darker as it goes along, evoking dangers that youngsters must be alert to in today's world - from drugs to child abuse - and showing how cruel children can be to one another when grownups aren't around. VERDICT: "High-Quality Stuff" - [Positive Reaction] This is a rating to a movie I view as very entertaining and well made, and definitely worth paying the full price at a theatre to see or own on DVD. It is not perfect, but it is definitely excellent. (Films that are rated 3.5 or 4 stars)

Deta U (es) wrote: tersesat di pulau tak berpenghuni, ga ada film lain.. terpaksa nonton

Terence G (au) wrote: Absolute father rented this and after 15 minutes, we turned it off. After watching some of Jackie's fights and their choreography, going back to this was always going to be a real let down. Seeing A slimmer Sammo Hung brought back the memories though.

Art S (de) wrote: The word "inexorable" comes to mind when watching Charley Varrick, as in "the plot moves inexorably to its conclusion." Somehow director Don Siegel (and screenwriters Howard Rodman and Dean Riesner, working from John Reese's novel) has managed to enable Walter Matthau's small time hood to set in motion a number of different processes that ultimately allow him to outsmart both the police and the mafia. You see, he's accidentally stolen money that belongs to the mob when robbing a small local New Mexico bank and can't exactly give it back with Joe Don Baker's hit man on his trail. Of course, Siegel's directorial style isn't pretty (it's mired in the 1970s) but he gets the job done and keeps things moving, well, inexorably toward the finale that you knew was coming. A bit rough but worth a look.

Daniel D (kr) wrote: The Conformist is a film that has stuck with me since my initial viewing a few days ago, perhaps it deserves half a star higher. The slow style draws similarity to Melville's assassin film Le Samourai. Trintignant puts up a solid performance as the assassin (Marcello), but my issue with the character was he felt to smooth to be a universal conformist. Marcello feels like a charming individual, just not another man in the crowd. The film does reveal what it means with labeling Marcello as a conformist with the climax, which follows his fascist conformity. The second theme, sex, is also addressed in the end which I feel is the most important scene in the whole film. The last scene is chilling and revealing, crucial to the film.

Jen M (fr) wrote: Great family movie is fun for the whole household. Ages 4+

Devon P (jp) wrote: the worst movie I've ever seen

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Tpico cine ochentero , una pelicula divertida para todos con una hermosa Elizabeth Shue , a revivir los ochentas!