The Phantom

The Phantom

The 21st successor to the role of Bengalla's resident superhero must travel to New York to prevent a rich madman from obtaining three magic skulls that would give him the secret to ultimate power.

Purple-costumed Phantom (Billy Zane), descendent of a line of African superheroes, travels to New York City in order to thwart a master criminal's acquisition of mystical skulls with legendary powers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dipesh S (jp) wrote: All about imagination and fantasy

Eliabeth R (kr) wrote: Aunque el tema es muy bueno la pelcula es total y completamente aburrida, hay momentos donde alguien debera pegar un grito y simplemente mira.. es la historia de un chico abandonado por su madre que se cra en un orfanato y luego esta en prisin por matar a un compaero, se puede ver pero es demasiado lenta para mi gusto

Roger T (jp) wrote: ok, someone was paid to write this? too bad, concept had promise but the dialogue and acting offer no promise whatsover

Tom B (ag) wrote: Yet another typical Seagal movie... ok I guess...

Ann S (es) wrote: very italian. didn't perhaps care about the characters enough. hey, does anyone think the newreader looked a like like Bill (WK)?

Gordon R (es) wrote: Alderman becomes President in this predictable comedy starring Chris Rock.

Logan B (gb) wrote: you just got knocked the fuck out beoch!!!!!!!

Justin B (ca) wrote: Disgusting and irreverent yet far more restrained (and therefore enjoyable) than the average Troma outing.

Tony H (fr) wrote: Flawed in some ways, still, beautifully acted by Dreyfuss and Streisand. Barbra has difficulty losing her mega-star identity in the role, but her lines are incredibly and carefully executed...she is pure acting. Dreyfuss over-acts at time, one of his trademarks, but he comes across as believable and sympathetic in response to a system that seems bent on hammering them both. One of my favorite Streisand moments.

James O (kr) wrote: I love it they did a good movie and it wasn't all fancy, just a simple good movie, with a sick Corvette, as well as others. Good stroy line to

Eleanor R (fr) wrote: Now, don't make a spectacle of yourself... You are a United States citizen in a foreign country, have you no pride in what the rest of the world thinks about Americans?

Bradley H (jp) wrote: Blythe Danner is wonderful in this touching story about a woman who rediscovers herself after the death of her husband and retirement from her job as a schoolteacher. Any movie with the likes of June Squibb, Rhea Perlman and Mary Kay Place featured prominently on the poster is a rarity that would make whatever film it was worth seeing.

chris M (ca) wrote: This movie is one of my all time favorites. The performance of Hardy is one of the best subtle characters ever. He plays the humble Queens bartender to a tee. The levels of this movie come out a little slow but for obvious purpose. They are also crucial building blocks to the explosive ending. Using this subtle aproach and allowing the story to develop like reality would is what makes it an unusually interesting on different levels. Today we want action all the time but thats not reality. This movie is one of the grittier movies ever made. Not one scene strayed from reality. Gandolfini played his role to perfection as well he was the perfect has been half asset mobster stuck in the past. The banter between Bob and Marv is what makes this movie so great. The fact that it isn't the fastest paced movie is a major reason it was so good. The scene with the missing piece of the one arms man was great. Your first glimpse that Bob wasn't as innocent as he seems. You almost start fearing for Bob from cazy Eric Deats until you realize Eric bit off way more than he could chew and messed with the wrong one. Bob gave him multiple opportunities to leave them alone and save face but Eric was not smart enough to see who he was messing with. The relationship with Nadia was as good and realistic as it gets. No bull no Hollywood charm and romance just a relationship building on trust and a dog. Seriously though the way they played that relationship was very subtle yet gripping and making you root hard for them to work out. I would say every casting choice was perfect right down to the extras. There are not many films made like this anymore and it ranks in my top 5 of the decade. The Chechn gangster boss was phenomenal in his few scenes he stole them all. Even with hardy he held his own and even outshine him in a few scenes. Even the end with them getting back together and she forgiving him is believable and not some Hollywood ending just your left knowing they still had a shot at love.