The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues

A marine biology professor is experimenting with atomic power on the sea bottom. As a consequence, a mutated marine monster was created. Negotiations to sell the atomic inventions, and the monster, to a foreign power, are under way.

An unusual radioactive rock on the sea bottom mutates the ocean life into a horrible monster. When charred, radioactive bodies begin to drift ashore a scientist and government agent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason D (de) wrote: Director and star Alan Rowe Kelly (who is as nice and friendly as can be) presents with this deliciously absurd and macabre tale of your typical inbred, hillbilly, cannibal Bullion family residing deep in the woods. There's father Papa Elvis, his three children Beeftonia (played hilarious by Kelly), Hubcap (Mike Lane, also very hilarious) and Butternut (Joshua Nelson, director of Aunt Rose, another good low-budget film), a fourth kid, Sno-cakes, and grandma upstairs (who has super powers). The Blood Shed is as if John Waters were the one directing the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which this draws massive amounts of inspiration. Sure, there wasn't a lot of money put into this, and the acting is THAT great, but you can tell there was a lot of heart and fun put into making this film. Alan Rowe Kelly's Beeftonia is the true heart and soul of this movie. Her character is absolutely hilarious and frighteningly charming, in a way. The rest of the cast puts in some very funny roles and we are even treated to a climactic dinner scene that could almost rival the one from the original TCM; I kid you not. Definitely worth a watch if you are a fan or independent and low budget comedy horror. Brace yourself, because Alan Rowe Kelly is just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger!

Cynthia S (gb) wrote: This movie is not about a school massacre. Nor, is it about why a person chooses to do such a thing. What it IS about is the struggle of two parents to hold it together, in the midst of not only grieving about the death of their son, but also to come to terms with the fact that he is a mass murderer...all in the middle of a tiresome and bitter marriage. I have to admit, every time there's a shooting like this, I immediately think of the parents. What kind of parents raise a child that can do this? what went wrong? are the parents normal parents? or bad parents? and what now for them? This is a subject rarely dealt with. Well done....

Stephanie H (jp) wrote: there are really better seagal movies.

James H (ru) wrote: Cliche ridden sci-fi movie, nothing original here. The acting is fair at best. The special effects are above average, they had some imagination at least. The storyline just isn't that interesting.

Joe H (ag) wrote: Utilizing both Norse history and lore, Refn weaves a mythological tale of nation building and religious imperialism. At the center is the symbolic One-Eye, an Odinic figure with which Refn traces a violent death of Paganism in the wake of oncoming Christianity. Replete with sprawling vistas and harsh landscape cinematography, Valhalla Rising is at its core a brooding enigma, and whatever one sees in its grisly stoicism is in the eyes of the beholder. But whatever one makes of the film's symbolism, Refn can't be denied his due praise. This is raw filmmaking at its most visceral.

Joe H (nl) wrote: Tim Allen. Gervais was right, you're not funny

Justin H (it) wrote: A very underrated sports movie. I love this film about the highs and lows of major league pitcher. Costner is excellent, and you can't beat Vin Scully calling the game.

Aaron M (fr) wrote: Beautifully done. I like when Mafia movies don't try to replicate the likes of The Godfather franchise and keep it original.

Alexander C (de) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Timothy S (nl) wrote: As if the species didn't get a bad enough rap from the Heart song, along comes "Barracuda" the movie to further jeopardize the reputation of the fish in question. This ridiculous thriller was obviously inspired by the Steven Spielberg classic "Jaws," and this is probably the worst in the slew of rip-offs that followed.It was ahead of its time using environmental pollution as the backdrop for the story, but as it turns out, this has very little to do with killer fish. Sure it starts out that way with a number of obligatory attack scenes that are overlong and embarrassing mostly because it looks like toy fish were used.Then, about the midway point, the title creatures are completely forgotten about in lieu of a government conspiracy subplot that will disappoint people looking for a killer animal movie. While the writing is just as bad, I found the second half of the film to be a slight improvement simply because the death sequences were so laughable and insignificant. As the title card references, I believe the film was originally called "The Lucifer Project" and then changed with those idiotic fish attack scenes being added to capitalize on that shark saga that hit so big a few years earlier.It's a bait and switch technique that has been used many times before, and usually with a similar outcome. The direction is sluggish at best, and the annoying film score never seems to match up with what's going on in the actual film. "Barracuda" is quite the mess, but it does boast something of a surprise ending that deserves some credit. I can't say I didn't see it coming, but it is a lot more inventive than the rest of this dud.

jay n (jp) wrote: As Elvis movies go this lands squarely in the middle. Not a really good film like King Creole but hardly a piece of junk like Spinout or Harum Scarum. A pleasant somewhat nonsensical family entertainment with a strong moral sense, a few nice songs and enjoyable performances.

Stella D (br) wrote: yup sam fuller's war movies from the 50s are better than anyone else's war movies from the 50s

Josh W (jp) wrote: A horror western? Western horror? Whichever, it's a good time. Some gun-slinging and mystery-solving and survival horror. Kurt Russel is superior here to his Hateful 8 character. Oh btw, don't bother with Hateful 8. See this instead.

Akramul i (ag) wrote: Batman and Robin done right.

Richard D (jp) wrote: A modern "This Is Spinal Tap" with Andy Samberg playing pop rapper Conner4Real as he tours in support of a failing album. It's funny at times, but not frequently enough. That said, the 2nd half of the film has a few uproariously funny sequences.