The Phantom Light

The Phantom Light

Criminals pose as ghosts to scare a lighthouse keeper on the Welsh coast, in attempt to distract him. Jim Pearce deliberately maroons himself on the rock along with Alice Bright. When the light is later smashed, Jim reveals that his brother’s ship is the wreckers’ latest target, while Alice is a detective sent to investigate.

A lighthouse keeper has been murdered in mysterious circumstances and, during the ensuing investigation a Phantom Light keeps appearing at the scene of his death. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy P (ag) wrote: Douche characters and laughable plot.

Mykola G (ca) wrote: A crime fantasy with unthinkably bad guys.

Bruno V (fr) wrote: The first 15 minutes starts promesing , then they seem to be out of jokes or something , i did lose my attention !Seen the second time ...1 star more ! Guese i was more awake !

Imran A (nl) wrote: John Clarke has pretty much nailed the Victorian public service experience. It's simply brilliant.

Luke S (jp) wrote: lol i cn da 1st one but not da second lol so who knos wot it holds lol

Jordan P (mx) wrote: This movie was awesome and it doesn't hurt that the cast are nearly as storied as their characters.

Tad W (ag) wrote: this is one of those 50/50 movie that can be good and/or bad

Marques M (ca) wrote: Any movie that has a character wistfully recalling the afternoon in which he raped a slow-witted girl is already as repugnant as the character itself on some level. However, when that film's director visually presents it in such a crass and vulgar way as to make sure that the girl's breasts are visible there is a distinct feeling of disgust that is inescapable.Ironic 5-star ratings only point to a dishonesty or stupidity that can't be explained. This movie is absolutely terrible in every way imaginable, and could easily be used as an argument against the existence of any deity. Characterization isn't simply terrible. It is bottom of the barrel, and makes it clear that the "actors" are undeserving of the title. Everything at work here is the absolute worst that it could be. Music selection, music cues, character choices, dialogue, narrative, and even worse than that is the most appalling aspect of the film. The fact that this entirely mishandle bag of shit that passes for a movie is a story of about a high school shooting that has an unnecessary and insipid twist is bad enough. The worst thing about Heart of America is that it thinks it has a moral...As one of my friends said after watching this tripe; "Uwe Boll has officially earned that kick in the nuts."

Tatsuhito K (us) wrote: It takes a while for your eyes to get used to the uncanny animation, but once you overcome the ordeal, Beowulf turns into an outrageously entertaining ride. The performances are solid, the visuals are unique, the score is uplifting, and it has great action sequences. It's really good fun for adults of all ages.

Jen S (ag) wrote: Another guilty pleasure.

bill s (fr) wrote: Fun lighthearted story with killer cast on their game.

James M (jp) wrote: One of the funnier Carry On films, done when the whole concept was original and the cast could be bothered to deliver a decent pantomime performance.

Anna B (gb) wrote: I mean, I don't think it's shocking just to shock, I think there's an intended message here. But the message does seem to be just "the world is shit, everything's falling apart, and cops are worse than the criminals they're chasing". Which, sure, was more true in the '80s than now, but it's such easy satire it always makes me roll my eyes. On the other hand, it's a really beautiful movie. So, there's that.

Debbie B (ag) wrote: Didn't like the ending!

Tasos L (mx) wrote: I'm never gonna watch again a Japanese movie..Annoying and no art at all...

Shaun K L (jp) wrote: This is the story of a Temporal Agent (Time-Traveler) (played by Ethan Hawke) who is trying to tack down and stop a terrorist called the Fizzle bomber who uses man made devices to cause destruction. He must time travel to different times and location to track him down. I really enjoyed this film. This is the third outing by the spiering Brother who first became known for their little Australian zombie film "Undead".(As well as Daybreakers) I feel they have made and crafted a really great time travel thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end. You really have to pay attention as this is a real melon twister. Ethan Hawke is great as usual as the Temporal Agent. I find there