The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story

Philadelphia heiress Tracy Lord throws out her playboy husband C.K. Dexter Haven shortly after their marriage. Two years later, Tracy is about to marry respectable George Kittredge whilst Dexter has been working for "Spy" magazine. Dexter arrives at the Lord mansion the day before the wedding with journalist Mike Connor and photographer Liz Imbrie, determined to spoil things.

Considered as classics of the genre marriage comedy, the film is about a famous woman, Tracy Samantha Lord Haven, gets the trouble when preparing to marry a dull business. The same once, her ex-husband and a charming reporter appeared... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew C (es) wrote: A lot of fun...Personally, I think it's a great idea: a 1970s-style sci-fi flick with 1970s-style melodrama -- cigarettes, knee-high socks, and all. While there is a lot of wit to be enjoyed, many jokes fall flat. Also, while it probably isn't meant to have one, audiences might be annoyed at this satire's lack of any real plot. The story pretty much bounces around the various characters on the space station and peeks into their random, messed-up lives. Still, it's fairly entertaining for the most part and sports an enjoyable cast. Love the psychotherapist bot!(Quick aside: It could've also used more sci-fi shenanigans, but it's clear that's not what the filmmakers had in mind. Clearly they didn't have the budget for more anyway.)

Daniel P (jp) wrote: Hokey trash with a story that was absolute bobbins in the first film and is one step beyond parody here, but Danielle Harris is somehow superb and the ludicrously over-the-top gore effects and high body count, not to mention scant running time, makes the film enjoyable.

David F (ca) wrote: Very interesting examination of the decline of floor trading in Chicago, it features a lot of interviews about the good old days and some bracing accounts of how people are coping with the precipitous decline in the need for human intermediaries with the rise of computer trading.

Christopher H (gb) wrote: While it was nice to see an animated Batman feature film in a time before the Warner Direct animated flick (more so due to the return of the Kids WB style animation), but movie comes off as nothing more then an extended episode of the animated series.

Patrick F (us) wrote: Nice piece of 70s niche nostalgia and awesome to see Cosby and Poitier in their comparative youth. But as likable as it is, it's not as funny as I hoped. But it spawned two sequels, so we shall see if things sharpened...

Joshua M (ag) wrote: You can see how this movie influenced many others. It is a little slow, but it is interesting.

Johnny R (it) wrote: The epitome of a bad movie, Speed Racer ruins the reputation of the Wachowski Brothers with its garbage effects, stupid plot, and stupider characters who are dull and very unlikeable; also to mention that the action scenes are terrible

Kenny N (es) wrote: I love this stupid little movie. Critics (and even a large portion of the film's cast!) trashed it, but I think it's a fine spoof of superhero flicks. This one has a well-deserved cult following, of which I"m a proud member. Now I'm going back to community college.