The Philly Kid

The Philly Kid

A former NCAA champion wrestler is paroled after 10 years in prison. Now, to save a friend's life, in a series of cage fights he must agree to do the impossible - lose.

Philly Kid is an action film about a former NCAA champion wrestler. He is paroled after ten years in prison, agrees to a series of cage fights to save a friend's life and is asked to do the impossible - lose. What will happen with him, let's follow the film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norbey P (ru) wrote: Fans who if need a better understanding of our fav superhero opposites.

Kaitlyn S (de) wrote: Has potential at the beginning...and quickly loses it. Poor acting and even more unrealistic scenarios than the first.

Jason K (us) wrote: so. fucking bad i couldnt even get through the intro

Dillinger P (ag) wrote: If Rec was a slow burning, intense slice of horror, its sequel, Rec 2 is just an off the rails insane blunder bus of action, mystisism and horror. A shadow of the previous installments former self, Rec 2 begins pretty much as Rec is finishing. Only this time we are following in the shoes of a SWAT team and a bunch of teenagers who all have made their way into the locked down housing block from the previous film. Only both parties soon find out that we are not dealing with an ordinary outbreak, that wouldnt be enough for this off the wall franchise, Rec 2 goes bolders, louder and where very few have gone before and brings the religious elements of demonism into the mix. Its a jolting experience but the film doesnt care, its confident and thrusts it down your throat. As mentioned earlier, this film doesnt potter about with character introductions, oh no, we are flung into the fray, obviously with a SWAT team, carrying heavy weaponary, Rec 2 can afford to go bigger and with multiple cameras, manages to cover more ground than its older brother, it still packs some uncomfortable images and scares but when the ball is rolling its blasting all over the joint, from start to finish. Kills become more creative, you can tell the directors are just having as much fun as they can, one sequence with a firework and an infected's head is quite possibly the highlight. Luckily the film does bring back some characters either mentioned or portrayed in the last film, giving us a sense of attachment to the piece, considering the character development this time around is pretty close to non existent. This is not a film you can jump straight into, nor a franchise for that matter. This time around, each camera is treated differently dependent on the operator. bouncing back and forth from spy cameras, ENG's and hand held, it manages to do a good job of giving each a different feel and managing the thrills around them to an reasonable level. I also applaud the directors for sticking to their guns and trying to really put the entire experience out their, this could have easily been a rehash and one not so great, instead it builds upon its foundations and then some, leaving us bewildered and quite unsettled by the end. It yet again is not without its flaws, some may see the twist in direction a jump too far into uncharted waters, the lack of character from key players is just not there and the ending takes it a step even further with unbelievability. But for all its bizarre tropes, it equally runs wild, not caring and having as much fun doing it as it can. Not for everyone, even horror fans may frown, but for over the top, stupid, gory thrills, this installment ticks the boxes and then some.

Fu H (kr) wrote: It's embarrassing how often the actors voice the obvious. Unlike many hyped bollywood films, this one pulled away from the formula of intricate and well choreographed (but still random) dance sequences and a stereotypical story. However, their slightly more hollywood plot line was still rather weak.

Adam K (fr) wrote: Gah. Why is Tom pretty much me. I've never found a movie so relatable before it might be my new favorite.

Pia K (es) wrote: Stadin slangista oli vlill vaikea saada selv ja leffa loppui oudosti kesken? Parasta oli 70-luvun hienot ja uskottavat lavasteet sek tietysti Hurriganesin musiikki. :) Hmmm... aikamoinen velikulta tuo Remu... ;)

John M (jp) wrote: A sweet and unpredictable romantic comedy, although some of it must have got lost in translation. Beautifully filmed, and the female leads have real charm.

Clay B (mx) wrote: BEHIND THE LINES (1997)

Zach H (de) wrote: a great flick. far from a masterpeice, but very enjoyable for fans of both Lee and the view askewniverse.

Robert A (us) wrote: John Woo's only available old school kung fu film so far, is actually pretty good as they go not for amazing fights but for a decent plot(the fights are pretty good though)

Senor C (mx) wrote: Chuck Norris's brother is hauling a truckload of TV dinners & gets detoured into a crooked town where he is sent up the river by George Murdock on some trumped up charges. It's up to Norris to find his brother w/out ending up in the clink himself. A passable Norris vehicle that tried to cash in on the CB & trucker craze in the 70s. Norris kicks just about everyone's ass in town. There's one scene in this that makes me thirsty for Wild Turkey when Norris squares off against a deputy in a bull pen. Chuck should have taken that swig he was offered before he kicked the shit out of him..& you never call Chuck a son of a bitch ; that just pisses (well in this case) the beardless warrior off. Just imagine if he had the beard. No fucking mercy

John D (ru) wrote: Hilarious and creepy in equal measures. You don't even realise that you are getting sucked into your prejudices by Brewster's idiosyncratic subtleties. Being Altman nothing really makes sense, yet we accept everything as it is, hoping he will hand us all the answers on a plate and we can be excused of our reponsibillites. It never happens like that, does it Bob...?

Nicole D (us) wrote: Absolutely the top of Marvel movies. Make crazy even those who can't stand Marvel

Adam A (kr) wrote: "Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl" is an exciting and quite entertaining adventure that manages to fall into the same hole your mundane blockbuster already have been trapped inside. However it bring a lot of fun to the screen too!

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