The Phoenix Rises

The Phoenix Rises

Worlds collide when a team of brilliant scientists are recruited to work with a secretive government run project called the Phoenix Program to develop counter measures for climate based weaponry. Special Agents Bob Smith and Tom Jones hand picked the team after observing their success with building the worlds first space elevator for the Bonner Prize a secret recruitment project purposed to find the worlds best and brightest. A newly formed terrorist group is using climate based weapons to hold the US and its allies hostage. Using extremely low frequency delivery methods the terrorists can cause earthquakes, alter rain patterns, cause droughts, and create deadly storms seeming out of thin air; but the terrorist threat is not the only challenge for the team. A deadly, vindictive mercenary from their past, Jamal Duegro, has launched a revenge operation to reacquire technologies his clients want returned to them and will stop at nothing in order to protect his interests.

Worlds collide when a team of brilliant scientists are recruited to work with a secretive government run program called the Phoenix Project and are challenged with creating defenses against a technologically powerful terrorist group. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TJ P (gb) wrote: Edgar Ramirez plays the role of Roberto Durn well but the overall movie lacks a certain spark of authenticity.

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Carlos Z (ca) wrote: Its a little slow at first, but ends decently.

Tjianne T (ag) wrote: love this movie! great story, check it out :)

Jacob B (ca) wrote: I'm going to be honest on this one, this used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. I used to enjoy the wackiness in the movie, practically how Fred has his own fantasy world which made you feel like you were on drugs. Looking back on it now, I realized sucks. The film has good intentions but the humour is worthy of a facepalm at times, its cast members seem to be there just to make money and the novelty of the high-pitched 16-year-old quickly wears off. I didn't think it was as bad as people claimed it to be but I still think Lucas Cruikshank's once beloved character is grating to watch in this movie. His YouTube persona used to be funny, his channel managed to become the first to reach a million subscribers. This film's lack of faithfulness makes it a movie that'll make you think "The kids deserve better than this". Sorry Cruikshank, the Fred we once knew is gone. You did this to yourself.

Luke H (au) wrote: Excellent adaption of Vile Bodies. Modern comedies could learn a lot from this movie. Laugh out loud hilarious.

Rick V (fr) wrote: Silly movie, waste of time (Chiller Channel)

James H (it) wrote: An excellent "sit on the edge of your seat" thriller, very exciting, always engrossing. Good performances from all, especially Adrien Brody. He plays a sadistic killer incredibly well. Some truly horrifying scenes, a great film.

Koji L (ca) wrote: Viewed on Cinemax in Taiwan. I'm embarassed to say I really liked this movie! It's cheesy, it's campy, but it's not supposed to be taken seriously, and it's hiliarious! The humor is almost-subtle slapstick, and it's a total 80s style movie, even though it was released in the 90s. Claudia Christian is hilarious as the psychotic lead. Her humorous parts are particularly subtle, like when she makes the psycho face at Arye Gross through the car window. It's just a really good appallingly bad film. And a little sad seeing Adrienne Shelley, r.i.p.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Keir B (ca) wrote: Stupid. I can't be bothered to say much else about it.

Randall S (br) wrote: A bitter sweet drama focused on the disappearance of a local Seattle rock star. Collette (as the rock star's former flame) goes on the search to see if he died or just went rogue. Eggold offers the pretty boy charm and support to the plot, and Hayden Church steals every scene as he helps Collette find closure in her investigation. Well told, and...kinda sad.

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