The Physician

The Physician

The story of Rob Cole, a boy who is left a penniless orphan in an 11th-century English mining town when his mother dies of a mysterious illness. Vowing to become a physician and vanquish Death itself, he travels to Isfahan in Persia to study medicine under the great Ibn Sina. Through countless ordeals and challenges, and making many sacrifices along the way, he struggles on unwaveringly. His unflagging quest for knowledge leads to the blossoming of friendship and true love.

Set during the 11th century, the movie centers on a destitute orphan whose mother died of a mysterious illness as he travels to Persia to study medicine with the legendary Persian physician Avicenna. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul K (nl) wrote: Fairly poor. We watched this while in early 1900s mode, but it proved less impressive than the fictional tales recently on BBC. This one is factual, and as often, facts are less moving than art. Dan Stevens hasn't moved very far from Downton here, and he should. Florence Carter-Wood comes across as weak and quite cowardly in her use of poison to escape from harsh reality. Munnings was no doubt a bastard, and that no doubt contributed to his success at the RA. It's not an uplifting tale, and it's not told well here either.

Richard J (es) wrote: A good film, some funny parts.... Them Poles get everywhere.

Corey P (ru) wrote: This was a porno that was edited down into a regular movie...which would explain why the acting was so...wooden.

Evan K (us) wrote: This is funny and grand, but not so memorable because it kinda tells you what it is before it happens, with the song I mean.

Al M (au) wrote: este filme fala sobre marinadas.

Borhan K (de) wrote: So last night for Friday night movies I watched In Hell a Van Damme film he was a worker in russia with his wife his wife gets murdered and he kills the guy that killed his wife and then goes to one of Russia worst prisons and then the Van Damme action flick starts with prison fights etc...watching this again i saw some BJJ in it with takedowns and armbars it was pretty cool.In regards to story line it was kinda like a short cheap version of The Shawshank Redemption cause of the corruption within the prison as he gets out at the end and due to that they close the prison.Its a movie for Van Damme Fans not his best work but it was good.

Art S (ru) wrote: Joseph Heller's famous novel (which I may or may not have read -- it is here on the shelf) reached the screen in 1970, directed by Mike Nichols. Rumor has it that Orson Welles wanted to helm this and one can only imagine the spectacle that would have been. Instead, Nichols' version is a bit flat, though spotted with some striking scenes (especially the one with Hungry Joe). Alan Arkin is great, but at this point in time, it seems impossible not to play "spot the 70s sitcom stars" when watching (many appeared in Bob Newhart's first show, I think) and it is a little jarring to see some of them beside Welles, Anthony Perkins, and a fat Martin Balsam. Ultimately, the insanity and stupidity of war isn't underscored enough for me, as it is a bit too easy to get lost in the capitalistic shenanigans of Jon Voight's Milo Mindbender (although this is perhaps part of the point -- war is business). But playing in the midst of Vietnam (or Iraq/Afghanistan/Next One), this might have resonated more, depending on your closeness to that reality.

Lanky Man P (ru) wrote: Sort of a cute vampire film. Nothing much else

Joel A (mx) wrote: One the most talked about & commercially successful film of 1955...but I honestly can't see didn't do an awful lot for me. The dialogue wasn't natural at all & in my opinion Kim Novak can't act at all (save Hitchcock's Vertigo)This film has the reputation of such sexual tension for the 50's but it wasn't that tense at all since William Holden & Novak just didn't have the chemistry.This film had a lot of potential, I think with a different director & James Dean in lead (who I believe was considered for the role) you may have had a better film.This has interesting elements & has a few choice scenes but overall it just doesn't work & have naturalism & authenticity it's a little pretentious.

Anders A (mx) wrote: Using his early formulas, Cronenberg involves abnormality of bodies, hunger for blood and in touch with the health care in some way. Rabies in terms of vampyrism hits Monetral as the plague. Compared with his films just after Rabid, you can easily remark that Rabid, is somewhat beneath pair.

Shawn W (kr) wrote: Father of an abducted and murdered schoolgirl kidnaps the prime suspect who was released by police and holds the beaten man in the cellar of his pub. Pretty good film where the tension builds as more and more evidence points to the kidnapping. A notable takeaway is one really must prepare a contingency when best laid plans fall apart at the seams.

Nelson R (fr) wrote: J'avais trouv que c'tait un bon film d'action lorsque j'avais 12 ans. Presque 20 ans plus tard, j'ai encore la mme opinion.