The Piano Teacher

The Piano Teacher

Erika Kohut, a sexually repressed piano teacher living with her domineering mother, meets a young man who starts romantically pursuing her.

Masochistic piano teacher Erika is a single fourtysomething who still lives with her parents. She and life travel separate paths. Until one day, one of her students gets it into his head to seduce her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (de) wrote: Interesting movie. Not very funny.

Matt C (jp) wrote: This movie starts out very strong, a survival story two baseball players stuck in the zombie apocalypse. Traveling from place to place like nomads. People are always your greatest enemy. the last 30 minutes literally is in a car stuck. there is no ending which killed it for me completely.

Mike C (br) wrote: This was science fiction for those with no grasp of science - or good fiction, for that matter. It was really, really bad. Most of the worst offences centered around a flight in a chrome-plated and ridiculous-looking space shuttle. It was almost like they were making stuff up during fiilming. Got a problem with the story line? Put something on the shuttle that can fix it. It was like some of the worst 50s era science fiction. This kind of movie should have been buried about 1965 or so. Sure, they flew the shuttle around through space like it was an F-18 at sea level. They also detached the booster rockets and main tank at the same time - with the boosters still spouting flame. We all know there is no gravity in space, so the actors should not be able to walk around the shuttle like it was the starship Enterprise. The movie makers just think we are a bunch of morons or something. But the really scary-bad crap makes you laugh. At one point they have this bumbling know-nothing yanking pieces off the shuttle to make some nuclear electomagnet thingy without regard to what systems they are for. I half expected to see the headlights go out on the thing or something stupid. But I almost fell out of my chair before the flight even took place. Two guards roll into this space agency's office with a big green crate and ask for someone to sign for it. Nuclear warheads! Imagine! Hey, sign for these things, buddy. Maybe FedEx just dropped them at the gate and took off. What a stinking pile of crap. So if you saw this movie, here is to sharing a laugh at just how bad things can get. If you have not seen it and are undecided - don't bother. It's not worth the time spent watching it, let alone the time wasted making it.

Giorgos V (ru) wrote: Kali istoria, apaisia ithopiia

Eric B (ag) wrote: A waste of my patience.

JFloyd3 W (kr) wrote: quite intriguing thanks not only to Sydney Lumet but also the cast especially Vin Diesel, Peter Dinlage could also include Annabella Sciorra & Linus Rache- (more later)

Sgt C (us) wrote: (19%)One of the laziest scripts ever written? I think it may be. The opening shows random action clips from other Jackie movies, I'm guessing because the makers couldn't be bothered to make a proper opening sequence themselves and almost everything in the entire movie has been done so many times before. Chan is still hugely likeable and he at least gives something positive to the movie, but this is still a weak attempt to expand his career.

Shadab S (br) wrote: guys c it 2 believe it, its not just any other movie, it shows what happens after v c AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER...after any love story

Jorban J (es) wrote: An annoying, bratty teenager has a mental breakdown... what's there to enjoy? Steve Buscemi was the only redeeming thing in this movie.

Ben T (gb) wrote: A fun disney movie with an interesting premise

Nick B (us) wrote: classic movie ....being an italian /american i can relate to some of the comicial on goings in this movie's one of my all time favorite movies...."im not a loser ...i am not a loser think he said that a total of 14 times in the movie ....

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Guess Who offers plenty of humor with just enough social commentary to make its point without being preachy.

Satya P (de) wrote: Ben Kingsley is just evil...

Terry T (jp) wrote: One of the best sleeper movies I've seen in ages! Funny, tense, sad, and frustrating wrapped into one film. Gave me one more reason to really dislike the UN. Melanie Thierry is absolutely priceless in her role. I've been to Bosnia and didn't recognize the scenery at all. It was filmed mostly in Grenada. Quite beautiful.