The Pill

The Pill

Worried that he has gotten the free-spirited Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred feigns romantic interest and sticks by her side for twelve hours to make sure she takes both doses of the morning-after pill.

Worried that he has gotten the young, single, Catholic Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred spends the day with Mindy under the guise of pursuing a serious relationship to make sure she takes both doses (taken 12 hours apart) of the morning-after pill. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanmoy C (kr) wrote: Loved it. Not your conventional piece of story telling, but a satirical take on some serious issue. Superb performances by Anushka Sharma, Pankaj Kapoor & Arya Babbar. Excellent cinematography. And great job by Vishal Bhardwaj, one of the finest film-maker of India.

Dana L (us) wrote: Loved this movie. Great story telling every moment. Sadly, it reminded me of my own marriage in the USA.

Jose M (ru) wrote: I was extremely bored with this movie. I was not keeping up with this film. I resaw this film and you know your movie is extremely in trouble when you stop caring somewhere along the plot. I pretty much stopped caring about this film sowhere I don't know, for I wanted it to end as soon as possible. I hated every character in ths flick and thought it was a waste of time from point a to point b. Burn this film!

Christy P (de) wrote: The start was slow, but eventually it become very involving and intense.

David Ray G (au) wrote: This movie isn't's not original, it's not highly interesting, it's not too funny, it's not too tragic. It's somewhere in the middle of everything. But Kiefer Sutherland gives a rocket-performance, in probably what is one of the best roles in his career. And to also highlight some of the other positives in this movie: it's intriguing and unpredictable, fast-paced and it brilliantly investigates the relationship between a detached woman and her dying brother.

Dany C (fr) wrote: Absolutely great. Nice plot, lots of humour and fun till the end. One of best Jean Reno's movies

Jonathan B (kr) wrote: It's a nice trip down memory lane to see how young the cast were when they made it, and that's about the best thing Cruel Intentions has going for it at this point. The relationships are so weirdly written that very little of it makes sense, even in its juvenilely adult ways, not to mention how laughably corny the ending comes off. I can't recall if this movie ever was regarded as all that great to begin with, but it certainly isn't now.

Jacob D (gb) wrote: Not as good as everyone says it is but is still an entertaining action movie that is great to look at.

Adrian B (mx) wrote: Surprisingly charming and likable musical with an ensemble cast about a group of performers putting on a show in New York City theatre, along the title street. It is mainly drama that surrounds the issues and inconveniences regarding the preparation for the show. Storylines include a romance building between one of the managers and a stage performing along with the exhaustion of another performing; another one's ties with gang related activities; and ultimately, the one who can't perform in the show at the last minute to an injury. I suppose these plots are bit clich, but the songs, dancing, and script are what get the film rolling. It is also not too long and even though it is nearly 80 years old, it works as nice entertainment.